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User talk:Maletsky

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The first version of MediaWiki 1.6 was installed in the yahoo server as of 19:58, 3 March 2009; MediaWiki 1.14 was already available but yahoo only had PhP 4.3 running in their server and any MediaWiki version above 1.6 required PhP 5.0.

Then I received this first message:

  • MediaWiki has been successfully installed.

Actually if anyone tries to load up MediaWiki version 1.6 or higher in the yahoo server, the yahoo server will reject it. Yahoo was surprised to find out that this MediaWiki was in fact installed and configured. Now yahoo is wondering how I did it.

September 21, 2009: Here it is almost 7 months after the installation and yahoo won't update their server. I can't install the free 1.15 version of MediaWiki because yahoo won't accept the upload.

  • If you check your e-mails, you'll know...
    • Not the answer I am looking for.
  • Made the move in April of 2011. Moved to the new server by and installed the new version of MediaWiki 1.16.4. From this point on grew much faster.


Hi there, User talk:Maletsky thank you for your idea by creating this site.. I'v really appreciated your effort. :)