Zamboanga City Water Reservoir Dam

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Creating a Reservoir by building a Dam for Water supply and hydroelectricity

  • By: Franklin H. Maletsky, founder of
January 5, 2000

At the source of the Tumaga river which is only about 5 kilometers from the barangay of Pasonanca, the river can be dammed. It is naturally bordered by hills and mountains from 200 to 400 meters high.

By doing this the City of Zamboanga will never ever suffer from water shortages. There will be enough water supply even for the irrigation of farms. I have lived in Tumaga most of my life and this river never ran dry. The old folks much older than I am, attest to this same fact. The creation of this man-made lake may even be used for recreational purposes and to propagate the local species of fresh water fish for recreational fishing.

There is also a possible second benefit. Hydroelectric power can be generated from this dam.

If there is pro-active planning for this construction, turbines for generators can be planned into the construction of the dam. There will be enough electricity generated from these turbines to provide ample electricity for the entire City of Zamboanga and the Zamboanga peninsula.

If the city does not have the budget for this project, I am absolutely positive that private investors will be lined up to put up the dam. This will give Zamboanga City ample supply of water and electricity.

Imagine that! No more black outs and no more water rationing. Even the farmers will benefit in terms of irrigation.

This is the proposed area of the Reservoir. Mt. Columbato (Pulumbato) will be located to the right of the Dam. It is a natural border. The area of the reservoir (LAKE) will be approximately 4 square kilometers. That is a good sized lake that can conserve all the water during the rainy season. No more flooding incidents. No more lives lost. No more properties destroyed. No more water rationing. No more blackouts.

There will be an extra benefit to this project. It will be an inland water resort. Great for fresh water fishing and boating. Zamboanga City does not have a large inland body of water. We only have ponds. This will be about a 400 to 600 hectare lake.

Zamboanga City Reservoir.png
The reservoir (lake) will be about 400 to 600 hectares.

  • Google Map of the proposed reservoir area: