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Zamboanga Hermosa Festival

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Zamboanga City News : Tuesday, October 16, 2018 -- Zamboanga, Puerto Princesa ink sisterhood pact : ZAMBOANGA CITY – This city and the Puerto Princesa City have forged a sisterhood agreement that seeks to strengthen ties in the aspects of culture, tourism and agriculture. The accord was signed in .... Full Story»

98 Barangays of Zamboanga City within Region 9 - Mindanao in the Republic of The Philippines
Arena Blanco-D2 Ayala-D1 Baliwasan-D1 Baluno-D1 Boalan-D2 Bolong-D2 Buenavista-D2 Bunguiao-D2 Busay-D2 Cabaluay-D2 Cabatangan-D1 Cacao-D2 Calabasa-D2 Calarian-D1 Camino Nuevo-D1 Campo Islam-D1 Canelar-D1 Capisan-D1 Cawit-D1 Culianan-D2 Curuan-D2 Daap Dita-D2 Divisoria-D2 Dulian Bunguiao-D2 Dulian Pasonanca-D1 Guisao-D2 Guiwan-D2 Kasanyangan-D2 La Paz-D1 Labuan-D1 Lamisahan-D2 Landang Gua-D2 Landang Laum-D2 Lanzones-D2 Lapakan-D2 Latuan Curuan-D2 Licomo-D2 Limaong Limpapa-D1 Lubigan-D2 Lumayang-D2 Lumbangan-D2 Lunzuran-D2 Maasin-D1 Malagutay-D1 Mampang-D2 Manalipa-D2 Mangusu-D2 Manicahan-D2 Mariki-D1 Mercedes-D2 Muti-D2 Pamucutan-D1 Pangapuyan-D2 Panubigan-D2 Pasilmanta-D2 Pasobolong-D2 Pasonanca-D1 Patalon-D1 Putik-D2 Quiniput-D2 Recodo-D1 Rio Hondo-D1 Salaan-D2 San Jose Cawa-Cawa-D1 San Jose Gusu-D1 San Ramon-D1 San Roque-D1 Sangali-D2 Sibulao Curuan-D2 Sinubong-D1 Sinunuc-D1 Sta. Barbara-D1 Sta. Catalina-D2 Sta. Maria-D1 Sto. Niño-D1 Tagasilay-D2 Taguiti-D2 Talabaan-D2 Talisayan-D1 Talon-Talon-D2 Taluksangay-D2 Tetuan-D2 Tictapul-D2 Tigbalabag-D2 Tigtabon-D2 Tolosa-D2 Tugbungan-D2 Tulungatung-D1 Tumaga-D1 Tumalutab-D2 Tumitus-D2 Victoria-D2 Vitali-D2 Zambowood-D2 Zone I-D1 Zone II-D1 Zone III-D1 Zone IV-D1

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  • City Government Executive Order No. CL-473-2012, declared October 01-31, 2012 as "The Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Month

Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2009

This October witness Asia's Latin City at its most festive and most colorful spirit with the celebration of the longest and grandest festival of the city - ZAMBOANGA HERMOSA 2009.

This early, the City Government of Zamboanga has already lined - up the following activities that will take you and your family to the busiest streets and vibrant places in the city:


A nightly entertainment of cultural presentations presented by the city's 98 barangays that are grouped into clusters. This event runs from October 1-8, 7PM.


A trade fair and exhibit of the city's agricultural products at the Plaza Pershing from October 1-8, 8AM - 5PM.


This year, the golf cup shall feature golfers from the Zamboanga Peninsula Region as well as players from other parts of the country. The tournament is scheduled on October 3 & 4 at the Zamboanga Golf Course & Beach Park.


This is an annual competition of beauty and glamour as the prettiest Zamboagueñas take the center stage and ramp their way wearing their beautiful mascotas designed by promising local designers.The competition takes place on October 7.


This is an exhibition of talent and charm as secondary and college dance sport competitors vie for the championship title at the Zamboanga City Coliseum. In a strictly Latin theme, the dancers dance their way to the cha-cha, jive, rumba and samba. The competition is scheduled on October 8, 1PM.


Features the various chabacano song compositions in an attempt to preserve and promote the city's unique dialect. Prizes and trophies are given to the winners. The song festival takes place on October 9.


Zamboanga vintas.jpg

This is the oldest running race of colorful vintas in the country. Held at the R.T. Lim Boulevard, more than a hundred vintas in their colorful sails cover the shoreline of the boulevard and compete for the First Prize. The regatta is scheduled on October 10, 7AM.


Immediately follows the Regatta race at the R.T. Lim Boulevard which gives the public the chance of eating sardines along a long line of all sardine products manufactured in Zamboanga City.


The Float parade, the street dance and the main program are the highlights of the festivity on October 11.

This is an invitation to everyone! Man alegria quita na Octubre por el celebracion del Fiesta Hermosa na Ciudad Latino de Asia.