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Province of Zamboanga del Norte - Archived News

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Seal of Zamboanga del Norte
Interactive Google Satellite Map of Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines
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Provincial Capitol of Zamboanga del Norte
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Saint James Cathedral in Dapitan City
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City Hall of Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte
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Situbo Falls, Zamboanga del Norte
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Statue of Christ, Pangalalan, Sindangan
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Our lady of the most Holy Rosary, Estaka
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Manukan Mini Museum Landmark

PRO-9 deploys new policemen to line units

By Teofilo Garcia, Jr. (PNA)

ZAMBOANGA CITY -- The Police Regional Office-9 (PRO-9) has deployed 503 new policemen to its different units to boost security and anti-criminality operations across the region.

Police Brig. Gen. Emmanuel Luis Licup, PRO-9 director, said Tuesday the new policemen have been deployed as follows: Regional Mobile Force Battalion-9 (RMFB-9), 190 cops; Zamboanga City Mobile Force Company, 78; Zamboanga Del Norte Provincial Mobile Force Company, 61; Zamboanga Del Sur Provincial Mobile Force Company, 79; and Zamboanga Sibugay Provincial Mobile Force Company, 93.

Licup led the send-off ceremony Monday of the 503 new policemen at the Camp Col. Romeo Abendan that houses the PRO-9 headquarters in Barangay Mercedes, this city.

Licup said the deployment of newly graduated cops will beef up the existing deployment at the Public Safety Forces Company for police visibility and internal security operations in the region.

Licup said the 503 new policemen have completed the six-month Public Safety Basic Recruit Course (PSBRC), and six months of Field Training Program (FTP) that honed their efficiency and competence as law enforcement officers. They have also had undergone a rigid 60-day Basic Internal Security Operation Course (BISOC) training conducted by the Regional Special Training Units-9 and Philippine National Police-Special Action Force, he added.

In addition, Licup said the new police personnel have also completed the Air to Ground Operations Seminar (AGOS) training initiated by the Philippine Air Force (PAF) based in Edwin Andrew Airbase here which trained them as combat air patrollers.

Nuisance candidate ploy in Zambo Norte flops


SPECULATION was rife prior to this year’s midterm elections that Zamboanga del Norte Gov. Roberto Uy might lose his bid for reelection.

The reason? Some smart political strategists allegedly linked to his political rivals fielded a candidate with the same name and even the same nickname as the governor. The ploy made political observers take a closer look at the battle for the gubernatorial post of the province. It appeared many wanted to find out if this ancient technique of confusing and misleading voters in a local election would still work today.

By most indications, the answer is a resounding “No.” The Zamboanga del Norte elections showed that voters will go out of their way to express their true will despite a determined bid on the part of some political tricksters to thwart them. As we write this column, the real “Roberto Uy” — the incumbent governor — is leading his closest rival, congressman Bullet Jalosjos, by some 6,000 votes, with most of the votes already counted.

Here’s the interesting thing: the other “Roberto Uy” — the incumbent’s namesake who was later disqualified by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) which declared him a “nuisance candidate still managed to garner a sizable vote. As of the latest count, the nuisance candidate had a little over 20,000 votes to his name.

That number of votes is significant. That would be the total number of voters of a small municipality. In a close fight, that number could decide who wins and who loses. That number also indicates the power of confusion. It’s clear that the sole purpose of fielding a namesake is to take away votes from the legitimate candidate by misleading voters.

This brings us back to the nagging question which surfaced during the campaign period — did not the Comelec, right from the start, realize that the namesake was a nuisance candidate? In its belated resolution, the Comelec said the other “Roberto Uy” had no visible means to fund his campaign.

According to locals, the guy was a scavenger recruited by some group and placed in the payroll of a municipal government. The Comelec also said the incumbent governor’s namesake had no previous experience or didn’t have the ability to perform the duties and functions of the office for which he intended to run.

The malicious intent of the scheme became even more obvious as there were tarpaulins and leaflets bearing the name of the incumbent but with the ballot number of the nuisance candidate, clearly aimed at confusing the voters even more. Undoubtedly, the fielding of a nuisance candidate was a well-planned ploy at deception.

Observers and voters who detected the scheme could only shake their heads in disbelief. They asked, did the Comelec, wittingly or unwittingly, allow itself to be an accomplice in the ploy? Why was it not quick to detect the scheme? Why did it allow the nuisance candidate’s name to be included in the ballot?

To this day, these questions remain in the minds of baffled observers. Their doubts are only compounded by the apparent foot-dragging on the part of the Comelec to proclaim the gubernatorial candidate who has already garnered the most number of votes. As of press time, Governor Uy is reportedly still begging the Comelec to proclaim him as the victor in the gubernatorial polls.

Governor Uy can take care of himself. What concerns us is the plight of the 20,000-plus voters who voted for the nuisance candidate “Uy” in the ballot. What happens to these votes now?

If memory serves me right, once official ballots are printed, the votes of the disqualified bets like nuisance candidate Uy will be considered as stray votes. In effect, the Comelec practically disenfranchised the 20,000-plus voters who intended to vote for the legitimate contender but whose votes were counted under the nuisance candidate’s.

So, isn’t the Comelec making voters pay the price for its inaction? Does this not amount to thwarting the will of the electorate?

These questions from the public may portray Comelec unfairly. But the poll body has to admit voting issues like these are valid and inevitable. The number of votes cast in favor of a nuisance candidate is staggering — 20,000-plus. It is unlikely that 20,000-plus voters in that province would have deliberately opted to vote for someone whom the Comelec adjudged as having neither the ability nor intention to perform the duties of the office for which he was a candidate.

Perhaps it is time that the Comelec reexamine its procedures and processes in screening legitimate candidates. The public is not asking the Comelec to disqualify scavengers like the nuisance “Uy” from running for public office.

Rather, what the public wants is for the Comelec to adopt a process and to act promptly in order to prevent nuisance candidates from getting their names printed on the ballot in the first place, such as when a scavenger like the nuisance “Uy” runs for public office for the sole purpose of sowing confusion among voters and misleading them.

It’s a good thing the nuisance candidate ploy flopped. The legitimate candidate in Zamboanga del Norte emerged victorious.

Nevertheless, the fact that some 20,000-plus voters’ votes went to waste should prick the sensibilities of the concerned officials in Comelec, which failed to act quickly enough to stop the nuisance candidate ploy.

Poll winners in Zambo Norte proclaimed

By Gualberto Laput (PNA)

DIPOLOG, Zamboanga del Norte – Governor Roberto Y. Uy (PDP-Laban) has retained the governorship in a hotly- and closely-contested election against challenger Rep. Seth Frederick P. Jalosjos of the Hugpong ng Pagbabago-Alliance of Political Parties (HNP-APP).

Uy was proclaimed governor by the provincial board of canvassers at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Provincial Board) session hall in this city over the weekend.

Uy garnered 219,412 votes, just 2,895 ahead of Jalosjos.

In this province’s first district, Romeo Jalosjos Jr. (HNP-APP) won against Uy’s son, Roberto Jr. (PDP-Laban), while in the second district, Rep. Glona Labadlabad (PDP-Laban) retained her position against challenger Flora Villarosa (HNP-APP), the outgoing mayor of Siayan town.

In the third district, challenger Norbedieri Edding (HNP-APP) lost to incumbent Rep. Isagani Amatong.

Gen. (ret.) Alexander Yano, former Armed Forces chief of staff, lost to former congressman Rosendo Labadlabad, husband of the second district congresswoman, in Sindangan, the largest town of this province.

Jalosjos proclaimed mayor in Dapitan City

By Gualberto Laput (PNA)

DAPITAN CITY, Zamboanga del Norte -- After six gruelling days of delayed counting and canvassing, incumbent Dapitan City Mayor Rosalina Jalosjos was proclaimed at 12:20 p.m. Saturday as the winner in the mayoralty race. Jalosjos got 26,407 votes against her challenger, former mayor Evelyn Uy of nearby Dipolog City, who got 20,642 votes.

Dapitan, a third-class city has 50 barangays with 57,434 registered voters.

Jalosjos’ running mate, Jimmy Israel Patrick Chan, and nine council aspirants were also proclaimed winners.

Only one of candidates for councilor from Uy’s camp, Jezebel Balisado, entered the 10-seat Sangguniang Panlungsod.

The race has now shifted to the gubernatorial seat, where Zamboanga del Norte first district Rep. Seth Frederick Jalosjos, the nephew of Mayor Jalosjos, is in a tight race against incumbent Gov. Roberto Uy, Evelyn’s husband.

As of 11:10 a.m. Saturday, Gov. Uy received 212,106 votes against Rep. Jalosjos, who got 208,363 votes. There are more than 50 precincts still to be canvassed throughout this province.

Dapitan City candidates decry massive malfunction of VCMs

By Gualberto Laput (PNA)

DAPITAN CITY, Zamboanga del Norte – Tension and qualms on why so many units of vote counting machines (VCM) malfunctioned have gripped this city as the canvassing of votes dragged on to its fifth day on Friday.

Supporters of former Dipolog City Mayor Evelyn Uy, who ran for mayor against incumbent Mayor Rosalina Jalosjos, have gathered at the government center where the canvassing is being held since Wednesday, and demanded for the counting to continue since no winners were proclaimed yet.

“When counting of votes started, we observed that the malfunctioning of VCMs happened in District 1 – this is the district that is being strangled by [the Jalosjoses],” Uy said in the vernacular in a statement on Thursday.

This province has three districts. The first district, where this city is located, is the known bailiwick of the Jalosjos clan.

The second district, where Dipolog City is located, is the stronghold of the Uys. The third district is under incumbent Rep. Isagani Amatong, an ally of the Uys.

Jalosjos, however, said it is absurd to insinuate that her camp is behind the malfunctioning of VCMs and delay in the canvassing.

“We have the same number of watchers, we have the same number of lawyers attending to the counting and canvassing, why did they not complain to the Comelec (Commission on Elections)? Does it mean that Belen Uy and supporters don’t trust their lawyers and watchers?” she said in an interview Thursday.

Jalosjos also questioned the “massive” malfunction of VCMs, particularly in this city where she said “almost half of the VCMs have glitches”.

Of the 82 VCMs allotted for this city, 38 malfunctioned because of failed Secure Digital (SD) Cards.

On Wednesday, Comelec personnel here, accompanied by lawyers from both camps, went to Zamboanga City to get replacements but were only able to get 14 SD cards.

The remaining 24 SD cards are expected to be brought here Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, vote-buying and selling allegedly occurred in Mindanao, particularly in Dapitan City.

A retired policeman, who requested anonymity, said his cousin, a fishpond caretaker, received PHP30,000 for her vote on election day.

“She took the amount, which is supposed to be for six voters – for her, for her four children who are working in other places and her husband who cannot vote because he is bedridden,” the policeman said.

‘Kidnapper’ nabbed in Zamboanga del Norte

By BONG GARCIA (SunStar Philippines)

AN ALLEGED member of a kidnap-for-ransom-group (KFRG) member was arrested in a law enforcement operation in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, a top police official said Wednesday, May 8.

Arrested was Asbi Samdani, 39, a member of the Barahama Alih group, according to Police Regional Office-Zamboanga Peninsula director Emmanuel Licup.

Both the police and military authorities have tagged the Barahama Alih group as involved in kidnappings, robbery holdups, contract killings, and other atrocities.

Police Brigadier General Licup said Samdani was arrested around 4:45 p.m. Tuesday in Sukan village, Labason town.

Licup said Samdani has standing warrant of arrest for violation of Section 11 of Republic Act 9165 otherwise known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 with no bail bond recommended issued on June 6, 2019 by the court of Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay.

He said a grenade was recovered from the possession of Samdani when he was arrested by a joint team of policemen and soldiers.

Zambo Norte bet, pal nabbed for gun ban violation

By Teofilo Garcia, Jr. (PNA)

ZAMBOANGA CITY -- A candidate for vice mayor and his companion were arrested early Monday for alleged election gun ban violation in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, a police official said.

Major Helen Galvez, Police Regional Office-9 (PRO-9) information officer, identified them as Sergio Bihag, 57, and Jetro Ybañez.

Bihag is a retired police major and candidate for vice mayor in the municipality of Salug, Zamboanga del Norte.

Galvez said Bihag and Ybañez were arrested at a checkpoint around 2:45 a.m. Monday in Barangay Pucay, Salug town.

Confiscated from the possession of the two were a .38-caliber revolver with ammunition, and one Thompson sub-machine gun with ammunition, police said.

Bihag and his companion were being detained and cases for election gun ban violation is set to be filed against them, police said.

Villarin sets record in Awum


EVAMIE Villarin performed more than what was expected from her first ultramarathon after topping the 8th All-Women UltraMarathon (Awum) in a record-breaking fashion at the Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu on Sunday, March 10.

The Dipolog City-native Villarin of Spectrum Runners Club completed the 50-kilometer course in 4 hours, 12 minutes and 27 seconds, shattering the standing record of 4:21:00 set by her teammate Lizanne Abella last year.

Villarin, an Accounting Technology graduate from Saint Vincent College, said winning the Awum, a race staged as part of the Women’s Month celebration, was part of her bucket list.

“I’m happy and proud to win Awum. It’s my first time to join this event and I prepared for this by running long distance mileages for about two to three hours on weekends,” said Villarin.

Villarin, who led from the get-go, said she followed the program given by her coach, Prince Joey Lee, who’s one of the notable long runners in country.

Villarin was not only the fastest female among 334 participants; she was awarded as the sexiest runner as well.

Stephany Marie Jayson crossed the finish line in 4:31:20 for second place and Kay Razel Cundangan finished in 4:50:00 for third place.

Villarin also achieved something for her team as she extended Spectrum Runners Club’s Awum winning streak to five years.

Before Villarin, it was her teammates Sandra Soliano (2015), Preciousa Sanchez (2016) and Abella (2017 and 2018) who ruled the 50K race exclusive for female runners.

Spectrum’s president Dr. Gerry Mayo couldn’t be happier with the accomplishment of his runners. He said the ladies were winning because they’re disciplined in practice and are determined to get better.

“The other members want to follow the footsteps of the successful teammates. That’s why they’re dedicated. Also, we help each other in training and in mental preparation, too,” said Mayo. “This kind of culture that we have empowers our members to achieve more.”

Completing the Top 10 were Soliano (4:50:06), Sanchez (5:04:15), Marivic Mari (5:09:07), Chiqui Limpangog (5:10:31), Elynn Mira (5:13:15), Jessie Ejoc (5:16:02) and Cheryl Raro (5:20:28).

According to the organizers, there were 332 finishers and only two finished beyond the cutoff time. The race started at 10 p.m. on Saturday and ended on Sunday morning.

2 dead, 3 hurt in Zamboanga del Norte ambush

By BONG GARCIA (SunStar Philippines)

TWO employees of a plywood firm were killed while three others were wounded in an ambush by lawless elements in the hinterlands of Zamboanga del Norte, the police reported Sunday, March 3.

Police Brigadier General Emmanuel Luis Licup, Police Regional Office (PRO)-Zamboanga Peninsula director, disclosed the incident occurred around 11:30 a.m., Friday, March 1, at Sitio Labok in the village of Pisa Itom, Sirawai, Zamboanga del Norte.

Licup identified the fatalities as Raymond Basa, 29, driver of a hauler truck; and Ian Calunsag, a payloader operator. Both are employees of the Sirawai Plywood and Lumber Corporation of Dacon Group of Company.

Wounded were Jeriel Pillar, 29, security escort; Gaspar Hibaya, 28; and, acertain Jackie, 23. All residents of the village of San Nicolas, Sirawai.

Licup said investigation showed the victims were aboard a hauler truck when ambushed by a group of bandits.

He said the victims were rushed but Basa and Calunsag failed to reach alive at the Sirawai Rural Health Unit.

He said recovered at the crime scene were several empty shells of high-powered firearms of assorted caliber and blue plastic boots.

He said troops are tracking down the suspected behind the ambush incident.

Man Held for Violation of RA 10591

(Zamboanga Del Norte Police Report)

Dapitan City - At about 8:00 AM, joint personnel of CIDG-Provincial Field Unit 9 and Dapitan City Police Station implemented Search Warrant No 01-2019 for Violation of RA 10591 dated February 20, 2019 issued by Presiding Judge RTC 9th Judicial Region, Branch 9, Dipolog City at the house/premises of Eleno Eroy Pardillo, 46 yrs. old, married, located at Purok 1, Brgy Dampalan Dapitan City, Zamboanga Del Norte.

The operation was resulted on the arrest of the above-mentioned person and the confiscation of the following evidence/items:

One (1) unit Cal .45 pistol colt with serial number 418593;
One (1) unit magazine assembly for Cal .45 pistol;
Seven (7) pcs live ammunitions for Cal .45 pistol;
One (1) pc live ammunition for Cal .38 revolver; and
One (1) unit caliber .38 revolver without serial number.

Suspect is now temporarily detained at CIDG, Zamboanga Del Norte.

Murder, arson cases vs. Zambo Norte town exec dismissed

By Gualberto Laput (PNA)

DIPOLOG CITY, Zamboanga del Norte – The Department of Justice (DOJ) has dismissed the murder and arson cases filed by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) against the incumbent mayor of Siayan town, this province.

In a decision dated February 6 and received by Mayor Flora Villarosa on February 15, the DOJ found the stories of self-confessed killers to be unbelievable.

“While we sympathize with the family of Restituto “Toto” Sasuman (victim) for his death and the burning of their house, we cannot, however, accept the theory of the complainant and believe in the stories of respondents Ernie Lumocso and Roy Balayong (self-confessed killers) and charge innocent people and, worse, use our office to charge innocent people, for the crimes they have not committed,” Acting Provincial Prosecutor Peter Ong said.

Villarosa told the Philippine News Agency she was thankful for the dismissal of the charges.

She said implicating her in the death of Sasuman and the burning of his house "was in the first place a mere fabrication that was brought about by political motivation.”

Villarosa is running for Congress against incumbent 2nd District Representative Glona Labadlabad, wife of former Congressman Rosendo Labadlabad, who is known to be one of the four political stalwarts in this province.

The murder and arson cases emerged after Lumocso and Balayong surfaced with their confessions last year, claiming that on orders of Villarosa through her municipal administrator--Lawyer Josecor Gepolongca--Lumocso with the help of Balayong killed Sasuman and burned his house in Siayan on September 15, 2016.

However, the prosecutor said the stories of Lumocso and Balayong were easily refuted by Villarosa’s witnesses and documents.

The mayor and her administrator flatly denied Lumocso and Balayong’s accusations.

Among their other claims, Lumocso said he was inside the Siayan Diagnostic and HealthCare Center on the night of Sasuman’s murder and the burning of his house located near the center.

This was disproved by four nurses and midwives assigned at the center saying they personally know Sasuman, and did not notice him inside the center the night of the crime.

The prosecutor also pointed to other claims by the suspects that were outrightly refuted by other witnesses.

Hacking Incident

(Zamboanga Del Norte)

SIOCON, Zamboanga Del Norte – Hacking incident at Sitio Paduan, Brgy. Candiz, Siocon, Zamboanga Del Norte at about 7:00 PM of February 19, 2019, wherein the victim identified as Danilo C. Ansani, 40 years old, male, married, farmer and a resident of the above-mentioned place.

He was hacked by suspect identified as Robinson Romano Sr., 44 years old, farmer and a resident of sitio Paduan, Brgy. Candiz, Siocon, Zamboanga Del Norte. Suspect, who is under the influence of liquor during the incident, hacked the victim using a bolo hitting on the head and upper left arm for unknown reason.

Suspect was immediately arrested by Barangay Officials of Siocon. The victim was immediately brought to Siocon District Hospital for medical treatment while suspect is presently detained at Siocon MPS for proper disposition.

Arrest of Wanted Person

(Zamboanga Del Norte Police Report)

KATIPUNAN, Zamboanga Del Norte - Police operatives of Katipunan MPS conducted manhunt operation at Brgy. Basagan, Katipunan, Zamboanga Del Norte at about 2:00 PM of February 20, 2019.

The operation was resulted to the arrest of Uldarico Labisig Imperial, 58 years old, male, married, government employee of the Local Government of Katipunan, Zamboanga Del Norte and a resident of Brgy. Basagan, Katipunan, Zamboanga Del Norte pursuant to the warrant of arrest duly signed and issued by Presiding Judge of MCTC- Katipunan-Sergio Osmeña, Sr., Ninth Judicial Region, Katipunan, Zamboanga Del Norte for the crime of Malversation Of Public Funds & viol. of art. 218 of the Revised Penal Code docketed under Criminal Case No. 001-19 (k) and 002-19 (k) to (028-19) (k) dated February 13, 2019 with a recommended bail bond of thirty-six thousand pesos (Php36,000.00).

Subject person was subsequently released from the custody of Katipunan MPS pursuant to the order of release duly signed and executed by Presiding Judge, Branch 7, Regional Trial Court, Ninth Judicial Region, Dipolog City dated February 20, 2019 after posted the recommended bail bond.

Hacking Incident

(Zamboanga Del Norte Police Report)

SIBUTAD, Zamboanga Del Norte - Hacking incident occurred at Brgy Poblacion, Sibutad, Zamboanga Del Norte at about 7:00 AM of February 17, 2019.

The victim identified as Roseller Balolong Obnimaga, 58 years old, was hacked by suspect identified as Francisco Ageas Montano, 72 years old, both residents of Brgy Poblacion, Sibutad.

Investigation conducted disclosed that at about 6:00AM of same date, while the victim was tending his rice field in Brgy Magsaysay of same Municipality, the suspect arrived and without any words hacked the victim three (3) times by a scythe hitting the left leg.

Victim was brought to Sibutad Rural Health Unit for medication while the suspect was arrested by the responding PNP personnel of Sibutad MPS and now detained at Sibutad MPS for proper disposition. Motive of the incident is personal grudge.

Construction Worker Arrested in Drugs Ops

(Zamboanga Del Norte Police Report)

Dipolog City - Operatives/City Drug Enforcement Unit of Dipolog City Police Station conducted drug buy-bust operation at Bypass road, Purok Green Valley, Turno, Dipolog City about 12:40AM of February 17, 2019.

The operation was led to the arrest of Ben Omandam Piñero alias Bentot, 35 years old, single, construction worker and a resident of Purok Green Valley, Velasco Compound, Turno, Dipolog City.

Confiscated/recovered from the possession and control of the suspect were:

one (1) piece big Heat-sealed Transparent Plastic Sachet containing white crystalline granules believed to be shabu;
five (5) pieces Heat-sealed Transparent Plastic Sachet containing white crystalline granules believed to be shabu;
one (1) piece ₱500.00 bill bearing serial number AT365848 as buy-bust money; Two Hundred Twenty Pesos [₱220.00] in different bills as :proceeds money;
one (1) piece empty Marlboro pack served as container of shabu;
one (1) piece open transparent plastic sachet containing residue believed to be shabu; and
one (1) piece Cherry Mobile Cellular phone color black model C7i.

Also declared in the presence of the witnesses and arrested suspect is one (1) piece small size Heat-sealed transparent plastic sachet containing white crystalline granules believed to be shabu which was bought by the poseur buyer from the abovementioned suspect during the actual buy-bust operation as buy-bust evidence.

He was brought to Provincial Crime Laboratory Office (SOCO) for drug testing together with the pieces of drug evidence for chemical examination and weighing at the said office while the non-drug evidence was safe keep at Dipolog City Police Station for court exhibit.

Suspect was also brought to the hospital for medical examination and now temporarily detained at Dipolog City Police Station pending filling of formal complaint. Estimated street value of confiscated illegal drugs (shabu) amounting to Sixty Thousand Pesos (₱60,000.00).

Hacking Incident

(Zamboanga Del Norte Police Report)

SERGIO OSMEÑA. Zamboanga Del Norte - Hacking incident transpired at Purok 2, Brgy. Baong Baguio, Sergio Osmeña, Zamboanga Del Norte at about 9:30 PM of February 15, 2019.

The victim identified as William Tormis Lubiano Sr., alias Willy, 59 years old male, married, Filipino, famer and a resident said place was hacked to death by suspect identified as Mario Tormis Fernandez alias Loloy, 45 years old, male, married, farmer and also a resident of same place..

Investigation further disclosed that, prior to the incident the victim together with one Benjie Fernandez Calape, 39 years old, male married, farmer and also resident of same place were drinking coconut wine (Tuba) at the house of the victim and about 9:30PM of February 15, 2019,

The suspect stoned the house of the victim that prompted him to went out from his house armed with a piece of wood and flashlight confront the suspect but the later who was armed with a scythe (Bangkong) hacked unto the victim hitting on his face and neck that resulted to his untimely death.

Recovered was a scythe (Bangkong) measuring twenty two inches (22”) long including the handle and about ten meters away from the crime scene believed to be the weapon used by the suspect in the commission of the offense. Meanwhile, suspect identified as Mario Tormis Fernandez personally appeared at Sergio Osmeña MPS and voluntarily surrendered.

At about 6:00AM of February 16, 2019. He was brought to Sergio Osmeña Municipal Health Center for medical/physical examination and now temporarily under the custody of Sergio Osmeña MPS for booking procedure and proper disposition. Motive of the incident was personal grudge.

Top 4 Most Wanted Person of Leon B Postigo MPS, Arrested

(Zamboanga Del Norte Police Report)

LEON POSTIGO, Zamboanaga del Norte - Police operatives of Leon B Postigo Municipal Police Station and Compostela Municipal Police Station conducted manhunt operation at Brgy Ngan, Compostela, Compostela Valley at about 1:00 PM of February 14, 2019.

The operation was resulted to the arrest of Cesar Maratas, 57 years old, resident of Brgy Mawal, Leon B. Postigo, Zamboanga Del Norte, Top 4 Most Wanted Person of Leon B Postigo MPS.

He was arrested by virtue of Warrant of Arrest issued by Judge Arturo M. Paculanang of Branch 11, RTC 9th Judicial Region, Sindangan, Zamboanga Del Norte dated May 22, 2006 for the crime of Homicide, docketed under Criminal Case no. S-3853 with bail bond amounting to Php40,000.00. Arrested wanted person is now in custody of said police station for proper disposition.

Magnitude 3.6 quake jolts Zamboanga del Norte

By Ma. Cristina Arayata (PNA)

MANILA -- A magnitude 3.6 earthquake jolted Zamboanga del Norte on Friday afternoon, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) reported.

The tectonic quake struck 4 km northwest of the municipality of Manukan at around 1:41 p.m.

It had a depth of 4 km.

Intensity 3 was felt in Manukan, while Intensity II was reported in Dipolog City and Katipunan.

Intensity 1 was recorded in Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay.

Phivolcs said it is not expecting aftershocks and damages from the earthquake.

NPA leader yields in Zamboanga Norte

By Hirohito Cadion (PNA)

PAGADIAN CITY, Zamboanga del Sur -- A New People’s Army (NPA) rebel leader has surrendered to military authorities in the Zamboanga del Norte town of Gutalac, officials said Wednesday.

Lt. Col. Leon Onggao, the newly-installed commander of the Army’s 42nd Infantry Battalion, identified the NPA rebel surrenderer only as a certain Ian, a team leader.

Onggao said Ian, who turned over a .45-caliber pistol with ammunition, surrendered at around 7 a.m. Tuesday in Barangay Sas, Gutalac.

“Ian is frustrated and disappointed with the terrorist group (NPA) leadership because of the unfulfilled promises for a monthly salary of PHP7,000 and weekly support of PHP4,000 for his family just to join their ranks,” Onggao said.

He said Ian and other combatants were deceived by NPA commanders that they will be killed by government forces if they decide to surrender.

Col. Bagnus Gaerlan Jr., Army’s 102nd Infantry Brigade commander, said they expect more NPA rebels to surrender and avail of the government’s Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP).

Gaerlan said E-CLIP provides the former rebels the opportunity to start a new life and live peacefully as productive citizens together with their families.

Brig. Gen. Roberto Ancan, the Army’s 1st Infantry Division commander, has called on the remaining NPA rebels to return to the fold of the law and “join the concerned stakeholders in addressing our issues peacefully.”

Ancan, who is also the Joint Task Force Zampelan (the Zamboanga Peninsula and Lanao Provinces) commander, commended the efforts of the troops that led to the surrender of the NPA leader in Zamboanga del Norte.

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