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Zamboanga del Norte Province, Philippines News

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Province of Zamboanga del Norte - Archived News

Zamboanga del norte seal.png
Seal of Zamboanga del Norte
Interactive Google Satellite Map of Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines
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Provincial Capitol of Zamboanga del Norte
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Saint James Cathedral in Dapitan City
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City Hall of Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte
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Situbo Falls, Zamboanga del Norte
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A Barangay Clearance is NEEDED in order to get a Business License.
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Ask your Barangay Captain/Chairman to create a Resolution to make it mandatory to put the barangay name in all Business addresses.
Statue of Jesus Christ Pangalalan Sindangan zamboanga del norte 1.jpg
Statue of Christ, Pangalalan, Sindangan
Our lady of the most holy rosary cathedral parish estaka dipolog city zamboanga del norte.jpg
Our lady of the most Holy Rosary, Estaka
Manukan landmark mini museum poblacion manukan zamboanga del norte.jpg
Manukan Mini Museum Landmark


BOI eyes P2 B potential investments in Zamboanga

By Louella Desiderio (The Philippine Star)

MANILA, Philippines — The Board of Investments (BOI) expects over P2 billion potential investments in the Zamboanga Peninsula following the conduct of roadshows on priority sectors being promoted by the government.

The BOI said the estimate was based on 22 investments leads during the agency’s roadshows for the Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) recently held in the Zamboanga Peninsula.

Of the estimated potential investments, P1.4 billion are for projects in Dipolog, while P281 million are for projects in Pagadian.

In addition, around P175.5 million for projects in Zamboanga Sibugay, while P90 million would be invested in Zamboanga City.

Of the 22 investment leads, half are for the tourism sectors and the other half are agri-based, creative knowledge, energy-related and manufacturing sectors.

“Once these leads are realized, 1,267 jobs will be generated,” the BOI said.

The BOI’s roadshows were attended by around 180 participants. It discussed the 2017 to 2019 IPP which identifies activities qualified to receive incentives from the government, as well as the process of registration of projects with the agency.

Under the IPP, the following have been identified as preferred activities: all manufacturing activities including agro-processing; agriculture, fishery and forestry; strategic services; healthcare services including drug rehabilitation centers; mass housing; infrastructure and logistics including local government unit – public private partnership projects; innovation drivers; inclusive business models; environment or climate change-related projects; and energy.

7 nabbed in Zambo Peninsula anti-drug ops

By Teofilo Garcia, Jr. (PNA)

ZAMBOANGA CITY – Policemen and agents of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) have arrested seven persons, including a government employee, and seized more than PHP20,000 worth of suspected shabu in separate anti-drug operations in the Zamboanga Peninsula, an official said Saturday.

Maj. Helen Galvez, Police Regional Office-9 (PRO-9) information officer, said five of the seven suspects were arrested in a buy-bust operation around 1:30 a.m. Saturday in Barangay Recodo, this city.

They were identified as pedicab drivers Mohammad Ladia, 40; Mohammad Jakaria, 33; Mansul Marad, 32; Alvar Teres, 16; and Edil Sali, 33, factory worker.

Galvez said confiscated from the five suspects were some PHP4,500 worth of suspected shabu and the PHP200 marked money.

Galvez said the sixth suspect, Norman Parame, 25, was arrested in a buy-bust operation around 10:20 a.m. Friday in Purok Bombil, Barangay Sugod, Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur.

Parame, a Pagadian City government employee and a former drug surrenderer, was caught with some PHP15,000 worth of suspected shabu weighing five grams, and other pieces of evidence, police said.

Galvez said the seventh suspect, Joel Sabijon, 45, was arrested in a buy-bust operation around 10:45 p.m. Friday in Purok Buli, Barangay Minaog, Dipolog City.

Seized from Sabijon were one big and three small heat-sealed plastic sachets of suspected shabu, PHP500 marked money, and other pieces of evidence.

The suspects, now detained, will face charges for violation of Republic Act 9165, otherwise known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

8 choirs to compete in CSC Gov’t Choral Competition finals

By Neil Arwin Mercado (/je)

MANILA, Philippines — Eight government chorale groups across the country are set to compete in the Civil Service Commission’s (CSC) 2019 Government Choral Competition (GCC) this September.

The choirs were selected from 21 regional entries and will compete at the grand finals on September 17 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, CSC said in a statement.

The competing finalists came from four regions in the country — Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and the National Capital Region.

Among the chorale groups that were selected to compete in the grand finals are the Government Service Insurance System or GSIS Chorale, and the Bangko Sentral Singers from the National Capital Region; Dasmariñas City Teachers’ Chorale from Luzon; Calbayog City Chorale and Department of Education or DepEd Calbayog City Singing Ambassadors from Visayas; and Bayugan City Educators Chorale, Tagum City Chamber Chorale, and DepEd Dipolog City Teachers’ Choir from Mindanao.

CSC said the choral competition seeks to showcase the talents of government employees and promote Filipino culture and arts through choral singing.

Further, the competition also seeks to “promote malasakit and the culture of excellence in public service” through the groups’ music and compositions.

The competition is a part of its 119th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary (PCSA) celebration.

Other events in celebration of the anniversary include the R.A.C.E. to Serve Fun Run on 1 September 2019, Nationwide Government Job Fair on 27 September 2019, and the Awards Rites for the 2019 Outstanding Government Workers.

Rediscovering Dr. Jose P. Rizal as a teacher

By Preciosa S. Soliven (A POINT OF AWARENESS, The Philippine Star)

It was characteristic of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal to foresee and write of the future, such as in his series of four articles published in La Solidaridad titled, Filipinas Dentro Cien Años (The Philippines Within a Century). He sought to provide answers to the question: Given a century, which was a reasonable amount of time for matters to develop, what would become of the Philippines?

For our hero, this was not a mere political forecast. He believed that the Philippines would prosper if children and their parents were taught to help themselves by selfless leaders. Rizal yearned for the Filipinos to develop true independence and march with dignity alongside men from other free countries of the world. His solution was a social revolution through the education of the youth.

Rizal innovated a boarding school in Dapitan

Rizal believed that a teenager’s national consciousness could be excited by community service. He proved this through his “hands-on” school program while exiled in Dapitan. Sixteen high school boys who lived near his home were chosen to be his students. They earned their living by apprenticing in his medical clinic, as well as in his horticulture and stock farm, while academic lessons were done in the afternoons — free of charge. Field trips to mountains, caves, and the seashore became actual botany and zoology lessons. The dictum “sound body, sound mind” was lived out as he taught the boys boxing, swimming, wrestling, and fencing. Rizal’s high school class was a model of the ideal boarding school.

Rizal taught the Dapitan folks applied engineering

With his knowledge as a land surveyor (perito agrimensor), Rizal planned new street layouts of Dapitan and constructed them with the cooperative labor of the people. He likewise set up a lighting system of coconut oil lamps installed along dark streets. Using his limited knowledge of engineering, he provided the town with a water system completed in 1895 with the help of his pupils and the townspeople. A mountain stream several kilometers away supplied the water. The foundations of a dam and aqueduct pipes were built out of discarded roof tiles, bricks, gin bottles, and stones with mortar made out of burned seashells and corals.

Ever conscious of public welfare, Rizal drained the marshes to minimize the dangers of malaria. Recalling what he learned in Belgium and Germany, he invented a wooden machine for making bricks, manufacturing at least 6,000 bricks daily. He also introduced a hemp-stripping machine to increase the productivity of the abaca planters.

Rizal gave lessons on business entrepreneurship

Despite the abundance of marine life in the sea, the Dapitaños had no fishing industry because they knew nothing about using and making fishing nets. Rizal requested his brother-in-law Manuel Hidalgo to buy a big net for trawl fishing, and to send him two competent Calamba fishermen to teach the people better fishing methods. The nets came but not the fishermen, so Rizal trained the locals himself. This eventually established the local fishing industry.

Rizal also observed the Dapitaños did not engage in business. Setting an example of self-help to curb the Chinese control of domestic trade, he and business partner Ramon Carreon ventured into the hemp and copra trade. He promoted the establishment of a farmers’ cooperative managed by the people themselves to improve farm products, promote cooperative marketing, and extend protection to its members. He was fully convinced that community improvement was an impetus to national governance, respect, and integrity. Rizal’s global appreciation of languages

Rizal visited many countries to study the people’s language and way of life so he could adopt ideas and programs that would benefit his countrymen. Before visiting Paris, he studied French to speak and write with the same ease he had with Spanish. While assisting at Dr. Becker’s clinic, Rizal spoke only a smattering of German but in three months of diligent study and practice, he spoke with ease. His knowledge enabled him to understand the works of German writers on the Philippines. While in Dapitan, Rizal studied the dialects of the Malaysian language. He envisioned organizing a Filipino colony in Borneo but he was recalled to Manila before the British authorities approved his plan.

The great Rizal from A to Z

Professor Jose David Lapuz’s alphabet rounds up our national hero. Dr. Jose Rizal was … A – Artist and Architect, who built houses in Dapitan. B –Businessman, who engaged in the copra business. C – Cartoonist, the first Filipino graphic artist whose drawings looked like turtles. D – Dramatist, who wrote dramas like Along the Pasig, which extolled the Virgin Mary. E – Educator, Economist, and Ethnologist. F – scientific Farmer. G – Geographer, who drew the geography of Dapitan.

H – Historian, who wrote Sucesos delas Islas Filipinas del Doctor Morga Anotada por Rizal. I – Inventor; among his inventions was a syringe made from bamboo, now displayed at the Berlin Museum of Anthropology. J – Journalist, who was an editor of La Solidaridad. K – knew 22 languages with proficiency in Spanish, French, and German. L – Lover in the good sense of the word. M –Musician, who wrote songs like Dulces Las Oras en la Propia Patria and Kayumanggi.

N – Nationalist, Naturalist, and Novelist, who authored Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. O – Ophthalmologist and Optometrist, who operated on his mother, Doña Teodora Alonzo. P – Painter, Poet, Philosopher, and Psychologist. Q – Queen of his heart was Doña Teodora, whom he wrote about in Queredisima Madre Mia (My most beloved mother).

R – understood Radiology. He was also a Romantic to Leonora Rivera, Josephine Bracken, Gertrude, and many more. But he was noble and always a gentleman, un Hidalgo. S – Sculptor, who sculpted in wood the image of Jesus Christ and “On Death!” He was also a Scientist, who practiced Sociology as seen in his work, Sobre La Indolencia delos Filipinos (The Indolence of Filipinos). T – In a way, a Theologian. He quarreled with a Jesuit Father on Theology and impressed Padre Ulmer. U – Unitarian, who believed in the unity of the Filipino Nation.

V – Valedictorian. He was also Virtuous, who had love of country, generosity of spirit, love of justice, and love of freedom. W – Warrior of freedom. X – X-man, who used his superior ability to help others. Rizal was a Xenophile, who appreciated foreign cultures. Y – Youth Leader, who wrote of the ideal Filipino Youth in Delia Esperanza dela Patria Mia (Fair Hope of the Fatherland). Z – Zoologist, who conscientiously collected zoological specimen. He sent a frog and lizard to Berlin for examination, which were named Rizali.

Leyte rider gears up for Dipolog 4x4 Offroad challenge

By RONALD O. REYES (SunStar Philippines)

FREDIE Segovia, a topnotch Motul Offroad rider from Ormoc City, is set to compete in the Dipolog City’s 4x4 Offroad challenge on July 27-28 after his big win in San Carlos City over the weekend.

Segovia, a lone competitor from Leyte, started competing in said extreme motorsports last year.

He had his first award during the Cebu-Sinulog 1st 4x4 Offroad challenge in January, placing third in the said national competition.

A member of the Ormoc 4 Wheelers Club, Segovia thanked his family and sponsors in his upcoming Maxxis 4x4 Cup Philippines in Dipolog, in partnership with the National Association of Filipino Off-Roaders (NasFOR), for their support.

He also urged the local government units around Eastern Visayas to support similar event for offroad enthusiasts in the region.

Meanwhile, Segovia said beginners in offroad racing must undergo training and lessons on technical skills, timing and momentum.

“As beginners, you must know the capability of your offroad vehicle, the power, the durability and the proper set-up. Not just good look of your vehicle, but the under chassis set-up is the most important,” Segovia told SunStar Philippines.

Segovia, 36, is also a proud member of the Navara Nation Philippines-Eastern Visayas Chapter whose group is behind the various humanitarian activities in poor communities around the region.

BOI-approved pledges only at around 30% of goal in mid-2019

By Anna Mogato (

But the Board of Investments is confident the P1-trillion target for 2019 will be reached, saying there are big-ticket projects being assessed

MANILA, Philippines – Pledges approved by the Board of Investments (BOI) in the 1st half of 2019 went up by 27.4% year-on-year to P304.4 billion, but this remains far from the P1-trillion target it wants to reach for 2019.

Despite this, Trade Undersecretary and BOI Managing Head Ceferino Rodolfo said they are still confident they can reach their target as investments continue to increase year-on-year. (READ: BOI-approved investments jump by 40% in January-May 2019)

"There are big-ticket projects in the pipeline, but we are exercising – as we do in all cases – prudence in diligently assessing their eligibility for incentives," he added.

Foreign investments soared by 375.3% year-on-year to P68.9 billion from January to June 2019. Domestic investments posted only a 5% year-on-year increase, but still outpaced foreign pledges with P235.6 billion.

Trade Secretary and BOI Chairman Ramon Lopez credited the continued increase to the Philippine economy "accelerating in the 2nd quarter to around 6% due to robust domestic consumption."

Amid earlier fears of the Philippines being affected by the United States-China trade war, Lopez said they are ready to "catch and absorb" the investments that could have gone to China.

But the trade chief said they "remain hopeful they (the US and China) will strike a deal because the global economy is at stake."

"Both countries are among our largest trading partners, but for any eventuality, we have to diversify our markets by going beyond the traditional ones while further strengthening our domestic base," he added.

Among the Philippines' foreign investors, Singapore took the top spot in the 1st half of 2019 after pledges from the city-state amounted to P35.4 billion. It was followed by the Netherlands with P9.2 billion worth of pledges.

Thailand took 3rd place with P8.5 billion worth of approved investments, while Japan and the US were 4th and 5th with P5.8 billion and P2.4 billion, respectively.

Bulk of the investments went to power projects, increasing by 77.9% to P192.4 billion from P108.2 billion in the 1st half of 2018. The manufacturing sector received P45.3 billion worth of investments, a 128.4% jump from the same period last year.

The information and communication sector, however, saw the highest increase in investments, from P340 million to P33.2 billion. Tourism also continued to grow with P8.6 billion in pledges from just P1.2 billion.

Calabarzon continues to be the top investment location after P201.2 billion worth of pledges were coursed to the region. Central Luzon followed far behind with P27.7 billion, while the National Capital Region came in 3rd place at P11.3 billion.

Among the notable investments approved by the BOI are:

• Cebu Air Incorporated's acquisition of Airbus planes worth P4.7 billion
• Rio Norte Hydropower Corporation's 19.7-megawatt (MW) hydropower project in Isabela worth P4 billion
• DMCI Masbate Power Corporation's 15-MW thermal power plant in Masbate worth P2.3 billion
• Aseniero International Trading's P47-million proposal to export coconut products from Zamboanga del Norte

The BOI also awarded certificates of registration to the following projects:

• Zenith Foods Corporation's P3.6-billion modernized plant in Calamba City, Laguna
• Cagayan Biomass Energy Corporation's P1.7-billion renewable energy biomass power project
• Northern Calamian Farming Incorporated's P291.6-million organic rice production facility in Coron, Palawan
• Renesons Energy Polillo Incorporated's P151.6-million biomass project
• Medcheck E-commerce Incorporated's P61.8-million knowledge-based services project
• Safi Poultry Corporation's P28-million broiler chicken production plant in South Cotabato

3 charged for murder of Zamboanga judge

(With reports from Mike Navallo, ABS-CBN News)

MANILA - Three people have been charged for the killing of a Zamboanga del Norte Regional Trial Court judge in May.

Judge Reymar Lacaya of the Liloy, Zamboanga del Norte RTC was boarding his vehicle outside a courthouse on May 9 when he was reportedly shot by a lone gunman.

In a 3-page resolution, Zamboanga del Norte Provincial Prosecutor Gabino Saavedra said there was enough circumstantial evidence to support the finding of probable cause against a certain Juliver Cabating, and alleged cohorts alias Jerry and alias Ramil.

"The pieces of evidence on hand have sufficiently established that the 2 respondents, known only by their respective aliases and identified to by witnesses, are indeed the triggermen who ended the victim’s life on that fateful day of May, 2019," the resolution read.

"The same pieces of evidence have likewise shown that Juliver may have conspired with them in perpetrating the brutal slaying of the good judge."

The pieces of evidence included affidavits of witnesses, documents, photographs, and video footage, according to the resolution.

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) has urged the Supreme Court to look into the killings of judges and lawyers as it noted that 38 judicial workers have been killed since August 2016.

Ex-Zamboanga Norte mayor acquitted of perjury over SALN

By Elizabeth Marcelo (The Philippine Star)

MANILA, Philippines — Former Siocon, Zamboanga del Norte mayor Ceasar Soriano has been cleared of perjury for failure to declare several business interests in the statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) that he and his wife, Perliza, a former vice mayor, jointly filed in 2011.

In a 13-page decision promulgated on June 7, the Sandiganbayan’s Fourth Division said the Office of the Ombudsman failed to prove that the omission was done deliberately and with malicious intent, a key element of a perjury offense.

Filed by the ombudsman in 2017, the case stemmed from the couple’s failure to declare their business ventures in sand and gravel supply, digital imaging, wine and liquor distribution, money transfer and pawnshop.

In acquitting Soriano, the fourth division said the prosecution panel was able to present only the business permits of the undeclared businesses of the couple.

“The existence of the permits to operate can only prove that accused was capacitated to engage in such businesses... the ability to engage in a business cannot directly translate to its operation. The prosecution failed to show... conscious and malicious concealment in executing his SALN,” the court ruling read.

The court gave weight to Soriano’s argument that there was no need to declare non-operational business entities in his SALN.

It cited Soriano’s letter dated March 4, 2011 informing the municipal treasurer’s office that he was withdrawing the business permits of the questioned business ventures. He also presented a certification dated Sept. 11, 2014 stating that the five business entities “neither opened nor operated.”

“For lack of independent proof of operation of accused’s businesses, nothing else exists on record that would serve to disprove the basis of his allegation of good faith,” the court said.

The Sandiganbayan said the case against Soriano’s wife, who remains at large, should be archived until her arrest or surrender.

Lolo Udong, Lola Utay: Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados shares inspirations behind elderly care advocacy

By Deni Rose M. Afinidad-Bernardo, Jan Milo Severo (

MANILA, Philippines — Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados misses the time when she was still young, playing “tagu-taguan” (hide and seek) and “dakup-dakup” with her cousins in their mountain village in Dapitan.

Gazini, most especially, misses being a kid in the arms of her Lolo Udong and Lola Utay Ganados, her grandparents where her mom, a single parent, would leave her whenever her mom would go to work.

“Being with my grandparents, they have taught me how simple and beautiful life can be,” the 23-year-old Tourism graduate recalled in an exclusive interview with

She admitted that her grandparents used to be strict, especially, when it comes to her sexy pageant outfits.

“They're strict sometimes, but they are very, very loving. They really take the time to give the attention that you want because my mom was working the whole time I'm with them, so they are my outlets of emotions whenever I feel sad or happy,” she said.

Her grandparents have become Gazini’s inspirations to become an elderly care advocate.

According to her, the country lacks in policies, attention and facilities for the elderly. She thinks that there should be a senior citizen center for every baranggay nationwide for the elderly to enjoy medical services with co-senior citizens.

“There should always be a senior citizen center in which and where senior citizens can be medically taken cared of but most especially where they can also be productive through stimulating their minds, through an active aging, a healthy lifestyle to which they can have a community where they can engage to one another because social engagement is very important because when you are getting older and you do not have anything else to do, you don't process your mind and that makes it easier for aging to go into you,” Gazini explained.

The beauty queen from Cebu also said that the aging population will rise up to 10 percent in 2025, so she is calling the government to provide social welfare for the elderly.

“Right now, we are already at six percent. When I get older, I would want to have something that is prioritizing the elderly because I know we are all scared of getting old. But maybe one day we can look forward to getting older,” she said.

Gazini also said that she is not afraid of getting old but afraid of leaving this world without doing anything right.

“I'm scared of the oblivion itself, to life after death because I'm scared of not doing anything right before I leave this world.”

Gazini will be competing at the 2019 Miss Universe pageants tentatively to be held in South Korea later this year.

DSWD-9 distributes food aid to El Niño-affected farmers

By R. G. Antonet Go (PNA)

ZAMBOANGA CITY -- The Department of Social Welfare and Development in Region 9 (DSWD-9) has continued its food assistance to farmers affected by the El Niño weather phenomenon in the region.

Fatima Caminan, DSWD assistant regional director for operations, on Friday said that so far, some 34,454 families have already received family food packs.

Caminan said the beneficiaries from the provinces of Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur, and Zamboanga Sibugay receive food packs containing sardines, coffee, three kilograms of rice, and other canned goods.

DSWD-9 has been distributing food packs for two months to help alleviate the plight of the farmers, whose crops were damaged due to the weather phenomenon.

Caminan said the beneficiaries of the food assistance were identified by local government units and validated by the provincial and municipal agriculture officers.

In addition, she said DSWD-9 has requested the agency's central office for funding intended for the cash-for-work program for the affected farmers.

Number 5 most wanted arrested in Zamboanga

By Bong Garcia (SunStar Philippines)

AUTHORITIES arrested in a manhunt operation a construction worker tagged as one of the most wanted persons in Zamboanga del Norte, the police said Tuesday, July 2.

Police Major Helen Galvez, Police Regional Office-Zamboanga Peninsula information officer, identified the arrested suspect as Jelson Adaro alias Tata who is listed as the number five most wanted person in Polanco municipality, Zamboanga del Norte.

Galvez said Adaro was arrested after being served a warrant of arrest around 9 p.m. Monday at Toribioo Drive in Pasonanca village, Zamboanga City.

She said Adaro has standing warrant of arrest for the crime of rape with P120,000 recommended bail issued by the Dipolog City court on August 28, 2007.

Zambo Norte congresswoman, husband charged with obstruction of justice


Prosecutors file the case against Zamboanga del Norte Representative Glona Labadlabad and her husband, Rosendo, the Sindangan town mayor

DIPOLOG CITY, Philippines – Zamboanga del Norte 2nd District Representative Glona Labadlabad, her husband and their alleged personal assistant were charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly harboring a self-confessed killer.

Acting prosecutor general Richard Anthony D . Fadullion ordered provincial prosecutor Gavino S. Saavedra II to file the case in court and “to handle its active prosecution.”

Charged with Labablabad was her husband Rosendo who is the mayor of Sindangan town in Zamboanga del Norte.

The case happened months before elections when Ernie Lumocso and Roy Balayong, non-regular employees of former Siayan Municipal Mayor Flora Villarosa, went to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and confessed to burning the house and killing Restituto Sasuman.

Lumocso claimed that he was the one who killed Sasuman on orders of Villarosa while Balayong drove the motorcycle they used and assisted in committing the crime.

The NBI then filed murder and arson complaints against Villarosa, Lumocso, Balayong and Josecor Gepolongca, who was then the administrator and now the mayor of Siayan town.

Villarosa, who ran for congress against Glona Labadlabad, countered that the murder and arson charges against her were not true and were just a ploy to kick her out of the electoral race.

In December last year, Villarosa filed an obstruction of justice complaint against the Labadlabads and presented evidence showing that Lumocso and Balayong were under their care.

Two months after, acting Zamboanga del Norte Prosecutor Peter Ong dismissed the NBI complaint against Villarosa, Gepolongca, Lumocso and Balayong citing “inconsistencies” and “falsehoods” in Lumocso’s claims.

Being cleared of the murder and arson complaints though was not enough to help Villarosa win in the congressional race.

Rosendo Labadlabad, on the hand, beat retired General Alexander Yano for mayor of Sindangan town. Yano is an ally of Villarosa.

Despite losing, Villarosa said she felt happy when she learned last week that the prosecutor found probable cause to file the case against the Labadlabads.

Villarosa said her complaint got a boost last June 20 when the police arrested Lumocso and two others for killing Venicer Marinduque, chairman of Siayan’s Barangay Mangilay. Marinduque is a close supporter of Villarosa.

Paul Gudmalin, lawyer of the Labadlabads, said they filed a motion for reconsideration.

Faster, stronger, smarter: Torres vows to be master of her destiny in KL

(Manila Standard Sports)

Filipina standout Jomary “The Zamboanginian Fighter” Torres will finally have her much-awaited chance to bounce back as she collides with Jihin “Shadow Cat” Radzuan of Malaysia in ONE: MASTERS OF DESTINY at the Axiata Arena in Kuala, Lumpur, Malaysia on 12 July.

This will be Torres’s second match this 2019 after she failed to end her skid against Lin “MMA Sister” Heqin of China at ONE: REIGN OF VALOR in Yangon, Myanmar last March.

Torres has already dropped her previous three matches. Despite her recent strugglexs, the 23-year-old native of Dipolog, Zamboanga Del Norte assured her fans that she is still a woman on a mission to reach the top of the atomweight ladder and she continues to sharpen her mixed martial arts tools amid her slump.

“I’m thankful that ONE continues to give me opportunities to bounce back and start over. I focused on working on the things that I need to fix according to coach Rene [Catalan],” said Torres.

“It’s my dream to be a World Champion and I know that my efforts in the past won’t do the trick. I’m doubling my efforts in the gym. It’s all about discipline and determination.”

With just more than a week until she marks her return in The Home Of Martial Arts, Torres said that fans should expect more from her against Radzuan.

“Expect a faster, stronger and smarter Jomary Torres in Malaysia. We assure the best Jomary Torres will show up against Radzuan.”

The 23-year old shared that she has never been so prepared in a match as her training camp has taken her from their gym in Makati to Indonesia just to polish her skills

“I feel good. I am confident and maybe that’s because I really prepared for this. I even went to another country to train. Coach Rene fixed a lot of things that I know would help me in this upcoming match,” shared Torres.

“This is going to be a different Jomary Torres. This is my improved version and I will do everything to move up the rankings and be a World Champion one day.”

Results from Mindanao: Rosales Stops Loperez in Thriller; Rosia Blasts Out Garde; Jakeson Saludar Scores KO in Exciting Fight Night in Maco, Compostela Valley

By Carlos Costa (

MACO, Compostela Valley -- Despite a non-stop heavy rain and recurrent brownouts in the middle of fights, this southern Mindanao City of Maco lived the most thrilling and cool boxing show in recent memory.

Just ask any of the hundreds of fans in attendance and they will tell the tale. The main event and the co-feature were just incredible, and nobody will forget the electrifying evening of fights last Saturday, June 28, at Maco Municipal Gym here in Compostela Valley.

In a clash of titans featuring fantastic back and forth action, "The Jaguar" Renz Rosia (15-8-1, 8 KO's) of Negros Occidental stopped brave MP Promotions fighter Arnold "The Destroyer" Garde (10-8-3, 4 KO's) to claim the Philippines Boxing Federation (PBF) Flyweight belt.

Both warriors had their moments, though it was the strong Jaguar Rosia he one to emerge victorious. Official time was 2:48 in round nine. The third man was Elizardo Resma.

In the unbelievable co-feature, hurt and bleeding big heart Boholano warrior Richard Rosales, taking heavy bombardment and being on the brink of being stopped... in the nick of time turned the tide of destiny in his favor in huge most dramatic fashion by landing the unforgettable devastating one-punch knockout that crushed down to the canvas MP Promotions fighter Bonjun Loperez.

It all astonishingly unfolded in the final twenty-two seconds of round six, and fans with mouths open could not believe their eyes.

To achieve his amazing win, Rosales went through hell, coming back up from a hard visit to the canvas, fighting his heart out against the tough, well-trained Loperez who at the moment of the KO was bleeding as well.

The referee Alberto Heramil did a terrific job in this fast-paced non-stop action thriller. Ask any fan if they where thrilled to the maximum level, and the answer will be yes. The Rosales vs Loperez riveting battle is a strong candidate to Mindanao's fight of the year.


In another knockout result, world-ranked IBF # 7 minimumweight fighter Rene Mark Cuarto (17-2-1, 10 KO's), recorded an entertaining third chapter stoppage triumph over brave Mike Kinaadman (6-10-2, 4 KO's) of Iligan City, Lanao del Norte. Official time was 1:25 in round three. Cuarto, 22, of Zamboanga del Norte, is the promising fighter of MP Promotions who recently fought and lost an IBF world title eliminator. Now Cuarto is back in the winning circle.

Also, world-ranked IBF # 8 flyweight Ronnie Baldonado (15-1-1, 9 KO's) of Carmen, Cotabato del Norte, totally outclassed strong-willed Kim Lindog (5-7-1, 4 KO's) of Bukidnon for a six-stanza unanimous decision win. The three judges at ringside scored the bout 60-54, all in favor or the aggressive Baldonado, who never stopped pressing forward for the knockout. But this time did not get it. The third man in charge was Elizardo Resma.


Twenty-two year old minimumweight fighter Jakeson Saludar (3-0, 3 KO's), younger brother of the reigning WBO 105-pound world champion Vic Saludar, scored his third stoppage win in his third fight by rocking out in the opening chapter his Cotabato opponent Gerald Alvarez (4-8-1, 4 KO's) who was two pounds heavier than him. Jakeson got his foe in trouble and did let him get away, ending things before the first chapter was over.

The promising Jakeson Saludar displayed power, seriousness, good moves an effectiveness throughout the short lived battle, giving a glimpse of the raw diamond he is.

In contrast, his elder brother Van June Saludar (5-2-2, 3 KO's), who weighed-in at 112 lbs., did not look that great at all in his majority decision draw against Sarangani's Jobab Lucas (3-1-2, 1 KO), who was also at 112 pounds. Their rather dull 6-rounder match failed to impressed fans. The ref was Alberto Heramil.


Moreover, tough super flyweight Jovanie Tagusi (6-2-2, 3 KO's) of Sarangani Province stopped in three chapters MP fighter Vincent Dayaganon (7-2-2, 1 KO) of nearby Davao City. The rumble was waived by referee Alberto Heramil as Dayaganon did not come out from his corner for next round's action.

Whats more, unbeaten 19-year-old Davao bantamweight Raven Culentas (5-0-1, 5 KO's) of the MP Promotions Stable blasted out in three rounds southpaw Vergel "The Hammer" Daguma (9-5, 4 KO's) of Gensan. Official time of KO was 2:36 in the third chapter. The third man was Rodel Garde.

Plus, 21-year-old super flyweight Justine Darap (7-1, 4 KO's) came back from a loss in his prior battle to ravage unheralded Joey Antonio (3-8-4, 0 KO's) of President Roxas, Cotabato del Norte, for a chapter four knockout win. The referee was Elizardo Resma. Darap is trained by Cebuno coach Brix Flores, a 1986 Asia Games Medalist.

In another exciting battle, Davao 118-pounder Elno Solomon (3-1, 2 KO's) won a six-round majority decision over 22-year-old combatant Ramel Antaran (3-14, 0 KO's) of Malungon, Sarangani. The third man was Alberto Heramil.

Plus, minimumweight warrior Richard Garde (2-0, 2 KO's) of Cotabato del Norte dropped and obliterated unheralded southpaw Reben Ramayan (0-4, 0 KO's) for a TKO victory in the very first round. Richard Garde, 22, rocked down the brave Ramayan to the canvas. Shortly afterwards, the third man Elizardo Resma stopped the unbalanced contest at the 2:59 second mark in chapter one.

Furthermore, southpaw super featherweight Criztian Pitt Laurente (2-0, 2 KO's) of Gensan scored his second knockout win by overpowering unheralded Rogelio Boyles (1-6, 0 KO's) of nearby Panabo, Davao del Norte, dropping Boyles twice in the second round till the referee Rodel Garde intervened. Criztian Pitt Laurente, 19, proved that he is developing his boxing skills, though he has to learn to fight with his mouth close.

In the most boring and awkward bout of the evening, 29-year-old Roman Canto (14-12-3, 8 KO's) won a narrow majority decision over Romulo Ramayan Jr (7-18-4, 3 KO's). The third man was Elizardo Resma.

Present during the fights was the reigning WBO Minimuweight World Champion Vic "Vicious" Saludar (19-3, 10 KO's). Vic Saludar said to fans that his second world title defense is very likely to take place by the end of next month in Puerto Rico.

WBO Bantamweight Oriental Champion Vincent Astrolabio was also in attendance enjoying the evening of good boxing.

All bouts were sanctioned and supervised by the Phiilppine's Games and Amusement Board (GAB), supervised by GAB Official in Charge for Southern Mindanao Datu Fahd Yasser A. Sinsuat, together with GAB Official John Kenneth Improso.

Ring announcer and master of ceremonies was the entertaining Marlou Neri.

GAB Physician during weigh-in was Dra. Krista Grace Salinel Libo-on. Timekeeper for the show was Jimson Mata and Rosendo. Organizer for MP Promotions is Vanessa Castillano Neri with the cooperation of Wilmart and Eric of the Macao Municipal Government.

Billed as "Battle of Champions," the fight event last Friday, June 28, here in Maco, Compostella Valley, was a production of Manny Pacquiao's MP Promotions in association with Maco Vice Mayor Arthur Carlos Voltaire Rimando and the government of the Municipality of Maco in Compostella Valley, Philippines.

Fisherman nabbed for kidnapping

By Bong Garcia

A FISHERMAN implicated in a kidnapping case was arrested by government troops in the province of Zamboanga del Norte Sunday, June 30, 2019.

Matih Saluh Saing, 31, was arrested in a joint manhunt operation around 5:45 p.m. in Makiang, Siocon town.

Police Major Helen Galvez, Police Regional Office-Zamboanga Peninsula information officer, said a warrant of arrest for the crime of kidnapping with serious illegal detention was issued against Saing on September 28, 2018 by the court of Siocon.

She did not, however, disclose the identity of the alleged kidnapping victim. There were three kidnapping incidents over the past three years in Zamboanga del Norte.

The suspect was taken to Siocon District Hospital for medical examination and was detained at the town’s police station.

Saing was a resident of Balagonan village in Siocon.

Toxic skin whiteners sold in Mindanao — environment group

By Rhodina Villanueva (The Philippine Star)

MANILA, Philippines — An environmental watchdog has alerted local government officials on the sale of mercury-laden skin whiteners in at least seven cities in Mindanao.

The EcoWaste Coalition said test buys of skin whiteners from June 14 to 17 in Cagayan de Oro, Oroquieta, Ozamiz, Iligan, Dipolog, Pagadian and Zamboanga showed that 75 of 93 brands were contaminated with mercury in the scale of 15 to 23,000 parts per million.

The allowable amount under the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive as well as the Minamata Convention on Mercury is only 1 ppm.

EcoWaste said the products were smuggled from China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan and did not undergo quality and safety assessment by the Food and Drug Administration.

“We appeal to concerned city officials, especially to newly elected or reelected mayors, to act with urgency to stop the sale of mercury-laced skin whitening products,” Thony Dizon, EcoWaste Coalition’s chemical safety campaigner.

“As the Philippines develops its National Action Plan for mercury-added products, we also urge our councilors to consider replicating the Quezon City ordinance banning the production, importation, distribution, and sale of mercury-added skin whitening cosmetics in their area of responsibility,” Dizon added.

He stressed the need not only to promote the health and safety of citizens but also prevent mercury in skin whitening cosmetics from being discharged into wastewater and pollute the environment and food chain.

The World Health Organization (WHO) had earlier issued a warning that inorganic mercury in skin whitening soaps and creams might result in kidney damage.

“Mercury in skin lightening products may also cause skin rashes, skin discoloration and scarring... and reduction in the skin’s resistance to bacterial and fungal infections,” the WHO said.

Top 10 Most wanted person of Don Victoriano Municipal Police Station, Misamis Occidental, Captured

(Zamboanga Del Norte Police Report)

MUTIA, Zamboanga del Norte - Operatives of Mutia Municipal Police Station, CIDG-Zamboanga del Norte and Don Victoriano Municipal Police Station - Misamis Occidental, PRO10, conducted a joint manhunt operation in Barangay Alvenda, Mutia, Zamboanga del Norte at about 2:45 PM of June 5, 2019.

The operation was resulted to the arrest of Jemmy Gandamon Tumagna, 43years old, single, construction worker and a resident of Brgy Alvenda, Mutia, Zamboanga del Norte, Top 10 Most wanted person of Don Victoriano Municipal Police Station, Misamis Occidental, PRO10.

He was arrested by virtue of a Warrant of Arrest issued by Judge of RTC10, Branch 16, Tangub City for the crime of Robbery with Violence Against or Intimidation of Persons docketed under Criminal Case Number TC-2008-074 dated February 10, 2009 with bail bond recommended amounting to One Hundred Thousand pesos (Php100, 000.00) for his temporary liberty.

The accused is now detained at Mutia Municipal Police Station for proper disposition.

Brgy Chairman suspect in Shooting Incident

(Zamboanga Del Norte Police Report)

SIRAWAI, Zamboanga del Norte – Brgy Chairman was suspect in Shooting incident transpired at Brgy Lubok, Sirawai, Zamboanga del Norte at about 7:05 PM of June 5, 2019.

The victim was identified as Arconado Banguih Saing, 45 years old, male, married and a resident of Brgy. Pula Bato, Sirawai, Zamboanga del Norte.

Investigation disclosed that the victim together with his wife identified as Jamjariah Saing were on their way to Mosque to pray, when he was shot several times by the suspect whom the victim identified as Hon. Gani Waja Brgy Chairman of Brgy. Balonkan, Sirawai, Zamboanga del Norte.

The victim sustained five (5) gunshots wound at the different part of his body and was rushed to the Siocon District Hospital for medical attention.

PNP elements of 905th Maneuver Company of RMFB9 and Sirawai Municipal Police Station are now conducting hot pursuit operation against the fleeing suspect.

1 person killed in Stabbing Incident

(Zamboanga Del Norte Police Report)

POLANCO, Zamboanga del Norte – One person as killed in Stabbing incident occurred at Brgy Pian, Polanco, Zamboanga del Norte at about 5:00 PM of June 04, 2019.

The victim was identified as Erlina Natial Lumacang, 42 years old, married and a resident of above-mentioned place. She was stabbed to death by her husband identified as Leofer Intic Lumacang of legal age, a resident of same place. Investigation disclosed both victim and suspect were harvesting swamp cabbage locally known as ”kangkong” at Layawan River located at Brgy Pian, Polanco, Zamboanga del Norte.

They were together with their sister in laws identified as Felicitas Omnus Natial, 50 years old and also a resident of same place. However, upon leaving the area and on their way home on foot, Felicitas Natial heard a shout coming from the victim prompting her to turn around wherein she saw the suspect stabbed the victim.

The latter then tried to pacify the suspect but she was being threatened. She forced her to run to their neighbor for immediate assistance.

The victim was brought to Zanorte Medical Center but was pronounce dead by the attending physician due to twelve (12) stabbed wounds sustained on the different parts of her body.

The suspect was also confine at said Hospital. Accordingly after the incident, suspect allegedly committed suicide by stabbing himself that sustained three (3) stabbed wounds at his stomach.

The weapon used during the incident was still unrecovered. Polanco Municipal Police Station is now preparing pertinent documents for filing appropriate charges in court.

Drug Suspect Arrested

(Zamboanga Del Norte Police Report)

DIPOLOG CITY - Regional Drugs Enforcement Unit 9 and Dipolog City Police Station conducted joint drug buy-bust operation at Purok Kalambuan, Sta. Filomena, Dipolog City at about 4:00 AM, June 4, 2019.

The operation was resulted to the arrest of Nof Paner Patangan, 22 years old, single, Bar Entertainer and a resident of Tabuk Tulay, Brgy Estaka, Dipolog City.

Confiscated during the were two (2) pieces big size heat-sealed transparent plastic sachet containing white crystalline granules believed to be shabu, four (4) pieces small size heat-sealed transparent plastic sachet containing white crystalline granules believed to be shabu worth Seventy Thousand Pesos (₱70,000.00) and color blue Nokia Cellular Phone and one (1) piece black shoulder bag, one (1) piece Five Hundred Peso bill bearing serial number S893742 as buy bust money, one (1) unit.

A case for violation of R.A. 9165 is being readied for filing in court against the suspect.

Zambo del Norte’s top fugitive falls in Lemery, Iloilo

By Ruby Silubrico

ILOILO City – The most wanted person in Zamboanga del Norte was arrested March 23 in Barangay Alcantara, Lemery, Iloilo.

Lemery policemen caught murder suspect Renerio Andawal, 44, of Barangay Lingatongan, Manukan, Zamboanga del Norte in the house of a relative at around 12:20 p.m.

Andawal had been in hiding these past three years. His arrest warrant was issued by Judge Ric Bastasa of the Regional Trial Court (Branch 8), 9th Judicial Region on Sept. 5, 2016 yet.

Andawal was the No. 1 fugitive in Zamboanga del Norte, according to Police Captain Marvin Buenavista, Lemery police chief.

The Lemery police station learned of Andawal’s presence in the municipality from the police station of Manukan.

“We verified the information and went ahead with the operation to capture him after we got hold of the arrest warrant for murder,” said Buenavista.

Andawal was one of three men charged for the death of a farmer over a land dispute. He was the second to be arrested.

Andawal was taken to the Lemery police station after his arrest. He would be shipped back to Zamboanga del Norte this week, said Bautista./PN

1 person killed in Stabbing Incident

(Zamboanga Del Norte Police Report)

DIPOLOG CITY – One perdon was killed in Stabbing incident occurred at Purok 4 National Highway, Cogon, Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte at about 11:30 AM, June 13, 2019.

Police Brigadier Gen. Froilan F Quidilla, PRO9 Director identified the suspects as Rico Flores y Barsasa, 54 years old and Reymart Flores y Dominguez, 24 years old, both were married and residents of Purok 5, Cogon, Dipolog City.

Base on the information gathered from a 27-year old witness, they were inside at the Sari-sari store owned by Gemma Ancong located at Purok 4 National Highway, Cogon, Dipolog City together with the victim named Dino Nonong y Gumial, 39 years old, married and a resident of Purok 5, Cogon, Dipolog City when the victim was stabbed by the suspects Rico Flores y Barsasa and Reymart Flores y Dominguez following their heated arguments.

Victim was brought by Rescue 117 ambulance to Zanorte Medical Hospital located at Sicayab, Dipolog City but it was declared dead on arrival by Dr. Antonio Aguirre attending physician.

Suspects were voluntarily surrendered now detained at Dipolog City Police Station and recovered the 18 inches long bolo which was used on the incident.

Twin kills for Tangub, Enriquez

(Philippine Daily Inquirer)

Sydney Enriquez and Eric Tangub imposed their will and carved out twin title romps as Zamboanga bets shared MVP honors in the PPS-PEPP Alamada national age-group tennis tournament at Alamada Tennis Club in Cotabato recently.

Enriquez, 16, blanked three rivals before trouncing Angel Denopol, 6-2, 6-3, in the finals to rule her age bracket. The Salug, Zamboanga del Norte, star matched that romp in the premier 18-U division then overwhelmed Zykla Cervantes, 6-3, 6-0, in the championship to cap another strong showing in the Group 2 tournament.

Tangub also turned in a solid outing in boys’ play, crushing Gene Espinosa, 6-1, 6-3, to top the 16-U class. The Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur, ace then rolled past Reyman Saldivar, 6-1, 6-1, to add the 18-U diadem.

Three campaigners from Kabacan (Jairo Ramirez and siblings Armando and Reyman Saldivar) and one each from Lanao del Norte (Denopol) and Ozamiz (Judy Ann Padilla) shared the spotlight by ruling their respective divisions in the four-day event.

Ramirez clobbered Yusuf Maldo, 4-2, 4-2, in the 10-unisex finals; Armando Saldivar foiled Maldo, 6-1, 6-4, for the 12-U crown; Reyman Saldivar took the 14-U title with 6-1, 6-3 romp over Espinosa; Denopol downed Rose Messiona, 6-2, 6-2, for the girls’ 12-U diadem; and Padilla repulsed Denopol for the 14-U crown.

Enriquez later teamed up with Padilla to blast Zykla Cervantes and Shiela Balinas, 8-1, for the 18-U doubles title with Reyman Saldivar and Kristofer Espinosa taking the boys’ plum with an 8-5 escape over Erick Tangub and Ace Bejarin.

Denopol and Messiona bagged the 14-U diadem with an 8-3 rout of Ayezza Dino and Seth Ramirez with Reyman Saldivar and Faisal Magarang edging Kristofer Espinosa and Brent del Socorro, 8-6, for the boys’ trophy. Johnel Maldo and Ramirez pocketed the 10-unisex title with an 8-2 victory over Erick Bation and Jaffe Tibungcog.

SSS serves show cause orders to 10 establishments in Dipolog

By Emmanuel D. Taghoy

THE SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM (SSS) had issued show cause orders to erring employers here who violated the Social Security Act of 1997 (Republic Act 8282), as amended by Social Security Act of 2018 (RA 11199).

The SSS conducted the Run Against Contribution Evaders (RACE) campaign operation to 10 establishments who violated the social legislation laws such as their failure to remit social security contributions for their employees, under-declared salaries, and lack of SSS registration.

Atty. Renato Jacinto Cuisia, acting Vice-President for Operations Legal Services Divisions I & II said the show cause orders were served to establishments, which persisted in ignoring the notices of violation from the SSS.

“They were sent demand letters to settle their obligations but ignored them until the operation,” he said.

The SSS has a condonation program on penalties against employers found to have violated the social legislation laws, covering March to September this year, he said.

This is the second RACE campaign held in the Zamboanga Peninsula region after the initial operation in Pagadian City last year. It was conducted simultaneously in other parts of the country.

3 people injured in Road Crash Accident

(Zamboanga del Norte Police Report)

LILOY, Zamboanga del Norte – Three people were injured in Road crash accident transpired along the National Highway of Brgy San Miguel, Liloy Zamboanga del Norte at about 2:40 PM of June 10, 2019.

The accident was involving White Mitsubishi Fuso canter cargo truck 2004 with plate no. GTY894 driven by Dante Apurado Jr, 20 years old, with passengers identified as Warry Lamosaw Castillo, 27, and Niel Claraval Ruvieto, 31, both residents of Brgy Patawag, Labason, Zamboanga del Norte.

Investigation conducted disclosed that while said truck was travelling from Labason going to Liloy, Zamboanga del Norte and upon reaching the place of incident, the front brakes malfunctioned that resulted the driver to lost control of his driven truck and suddenly overshot to the low-lying areas beside the road, causing injuries to all riders.

The Victims were brought to Liloy Integrated District Hospital for medical treatment while the said vehicle is now n custody of Liloy MPS for proper disposition.

Zamboanga del Norte councilor shot dead

By Roel Pareño, Ramil Bajo (The Philippine Star)

MANILA, Philippines — A reelected town councilor in Zamboanga del Norte was killed in a gun attack yesterday.

Cicero Guerrea, 59, a resident of Barangay Lagag, Sindangan, was driving his jeepney to bring students to the Sindangan National High School when he was shot in Barangay Piao before 6 a.m. yesterday, Brig. Gen. Froilan Quidilla, Zamboanga peninsula police director, said.

Guerrea was pronounced dead on arrival at the Sindangan District Hospital.

In Sultan Kudarat, Col. Jeofel Siason, Tacurong City police chief, said businessman Ericson Aranico, 32, was shot dead by unidentified men who entered his internet café at around 10:20 a.m. also yesterday.

Noruden Dingding, an electrician at the Sultan Kudarat Electric Cooperative and a resident of Buluan, Maguindanao, was shot by motorcycle-riding gunmen also in Tacurong City.

Bystanders tried to bring the victim to a hospital for treatment, but the gunmen followed and finished him by firing more shots.

Dapitan City holds 2nd Bangus Festival

By Leah Agonoy (PNA)

DAPITAN CITY, Zamboanga del Norte -- The second Bangus Festival highlighted the opening Monday of the 56th Charter Day celebration of this city.

The Bangus Festival is the six days’ series of activities that will culminate June 22 in time for this city’s 56th Charter Day anniversary.

City Agriculturist Cyril Patangan said Tuesday the festival showcased some 1,000 kilos of Bangus for deboning, cooking and boodle fight by the Dapitanons.

Patangan said the festival aims to underscore the role of fisherfolk engaged in Bangus production.

Hundreds of Dapitanons and tourists participated in a boodle fight featuring grilled Bangus.

City Tourism Officer Apple Marie Agolong said Tuesday that the town's Bangus products --mainly boneless and bottled sardines -- have contributed enormously to the local economy. The annual festival, she added, has also become a tourist attraction.

Local residents Geopeter and Jechelle Laput said the local Bangus industry has helped them send their kids to school.

"Bangus deboning has been our livelihood for the past eight years,"Jechelle said.

Patangan said the city has some 1,150 hectares of fishpond and fish cages, harvesting around 200 tons of Bangus monthly.

He said the Bangus produce are delivered in the Visayas areas as well as in Iligan City and Bukidnon in Mindanao.

Police arrest Zamboanga village chieftain for shooting teenager


ZAMBOANGA CITY: Police arrested a village chieftain who shot and wounded a 16-year-old student in the southern Philippine province of Zamboanga del Norte, officials said Monday.

Officials said the victim, Melquisedec Moncida, was seeking help from the village hall after a group of men attacked him at a disco party in the village of New Sicayab in Polanco town late Sunday.

Monsida told police investigators that when he arrived at the village hall, Marianito Paalisbo, chieftain of New Sicayab, suddenly pulled out his gun and hit him behind his head even though he told him he was only seeking help.

Teacher, pupil seriously hurt in Zamboanga grenade blast


CAMP HAMAC, Dipolog City: An old buried rifle grenade discovered by Grade 7 student Clark Simbajon, 15, while he was collecting junk in Barangay Ganase in Liloy, Zamboanga del Norte, accidentally exploded last Friday, seriously injuring Grade 6 pupil Michael Baunillo, 12, and his teacher Desiderio Acain, 54.

Provincial Police Director Col. Michael Macapagal said the grenade was found in the abandoned house of retired Army soldier Ferdinand Fabian.

Police said the rusty grenade was brought home by Simbajon, whose younger brother Jemar, 12, later brought it to school.

Jemar and his classmates Rhanie Erro,12, and Rocky Arnaiz, 12, toyed with the rifle grenade in front of their school building where tutor Acain was standing when it exploded.

Teacher and student were seriously injured and given a 50-50 chance to survive.

CHED clarifies issues on college admission policy

By Emmanuel D. Taghoy (ALT/EDT/PIA9-Zamboanga del Norte)

DIPOLOG CITY, Zamboanga del Norte (PIA) - - The Commission on Higher Education (CHED)-9 clarified that high school graduates from the previous curriculum and those who have completed the Alternative Learning System can be accepted as first year students under the new higher education curricula.

However, the agency emphasized this is “subject to admission policies and requirements of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).”

CHED previously issued Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 10 series of 2017 entitled “Policy on Students Affected by the Implementation of the K to 12 Program and the New General Education Curriculum” and the same CMO No. 10 series of 2018 entitled “Policy on Alternative Learning System Completers and Passers of the A&E Test in Relation to the Implementation of the K to 12 Basic Education Program,” which supports Department of Education’s Order No. 27 (DO 27) issued on June 8, 2018 in relation to the ALS.

The said policy documents emphasize that beginning AY 2018-2019 and for subsequent academic years, “passers of previous A&E Tests HS level, and the November 2017, March 2018 and upcoming 2019 A&E Tests HS level, who are all High School Graduates of the old basic education curriculum for ALS…,” can now be accepted as first year students under the new higher education curricula, “subject to admission policies and requirements of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).”

To ensure college readiness of students under the new higher education curricula, the admitting HEIs may require bridging programs for the general education component.

In addition, HEIs are reminded that ALS A&E Tests HS level passers should present their Certification based on the Certificate of Rating with at least 60% passing score issued by the Department of Education.

The certification should be authenticated with signature of the Schools Division Superintendent and the seal of the Schools Division Office.

You may view CMO No. 10 series of 2017 and CMO No. 10 series of 2018 for reference.

Zambo dengue cases up 142%


DIPOLOG CITY: Dengue cases in Zamboanga Peninsula rose from 1,145 in 2018 to 2,767 from January to April this year, a 142-percent increase, a Department of Health (DoH)-Region 9 official said.

John Go, health education officer of the DoH Regional Research Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit, said during a media forum at Mibang Hotel here that the highest rise in dengue cases was in Zamboanga Sibugay — from 82 in 2018 to 426 cases during the first four months of 2019.

Dipolog City, whose Corazon Aquino Memorial Provincial Hospital in Barangay Sicayab covers most parts of Zamboanga del Norte, recorded 209 dengue patients, mostly children aged 1-11. Because of the sharp increase in dengue cases in Zamboanga Peninsula, Go appealed to local residents to always follow the 4S in helping combat the disease.

The 4S, he said, entails, “Search[ing] and destroy[ing] mosquito breeding places; tak[ing] Self-protection measures by using mosquito repellent or wearing long pants, long sleeved shirts or protective clothing; Seek[ing] early consultation; and Support[ing] fogging/spraying of places where mosquitoes usually breed.

2 fishermen reported missing in Zamboanga found in Bohol

By Leo Udtohan [Correspondent, Inquirer Visayas, Eden Estopace (Editor)]

TAGBILARAN CITY, Philippines — The two fishermen who drifted for days in the Visayan Sea would be flown home to Zamboanga del Norte on Wednesday night.

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG)-Bohol Station said Jaime Sollatorio, 69, and Ian Reyes, 32, who were reported missing, were given complimentary tickets so they could fly from Bohol to their hometown.

TAGBILARAN CITY, Philippines — The two fishermen who drifted for days in the Visayan Sea would be flown home to Zamboanga del Norte on Wednesday night.

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG)-Bohol Station said Jaime Sollatorio, 69, and Ian Reyes, 32, who were reported missing, were given complimentary tickets so they could fly from Bohol to their hometown.

6 Held in Zambo Norte for Violation on Sec. 261 of Omnibus Election Code

(Zamboanga Del Norte Police Report)

Six individuals were held for Violation on Sec. 261 of Omnibus Election Code at Purok 2, Barangay Singclot,. Guipos, Zamboanga del Sur at about 12:00 PM of May 12, 2019.

Police Brigadier Gen. Emmanuel Luis D Licup, PRO9 Director identified the following six (6) persons as:

Ricardo Capacio y Himaya, 51 years old, married, resident of Purok 2, Singclot,
Florentino Aviar y Guadalquiver,45, years old, married, resident of Purok 1, Población, Guipos,
Roger Bugwat y Castola, 51 years old, married, resident of Purok 2, Singclot, Guipos,
Teodoro Sario y Pacuin, 67 years old, married, a resident of Purok 2, Singclot, Guipos,
Manuel Divinagracia y Banilad, 44 years old, married, resident of Purok 2, Barangay Singclot,Guipos, Zamboanga del Sur,
Mario Delostrico y Talledo, 44 years old, married and a resident Purok 1, Singclot, Guipos, Zamboanga del Sur.

Accordingly, prior to the incident, the Zamboanga del Sur - Provincial Mobile Force Company was conducting mobile patrol along the vicinity of Guipos and upon report of a concerned citizen for alleged vote buying/selling the team responded and upon reaching at Purok 2, Barangay Singclot, Guipos, Zamboanga del Sur, they saw a few people gathered at the house of one Ricardo Carpio.

The team personally saw one person give a brown envelop to the other persons and upon received they put the brown envelop inside their pocket. When they (respondent) saw the Police Officers, accordingly, they scattered and run into different direction.

Then and there, the police officer called them to return and requested to show what are inside in their pocket.

Subsequently, the police officers recovered from their possession were the following items such as; nine (9) pieces of sample ballot and cash worth seventeen thousand five hundred four pesos (Php 17, 504).

After the incident, the alleged suspects of vote buying/selling were now turned over from the Provincial Mobile Force Company (PMFC) to Guipos Municipal Police Station as well as the pieces of evidences.

PNP personnel of Guipos Municipal Police Station are now still conducting thorough investigation and file appropriate charges against the six (6) respondents.

Road Crash Accident

(Zamboanga Del Norte Police Report)

DAPITAN CITY - On May 15, 2019 at about 3:30 PM, a road crash accident transpired at Brgy Potungan, Dapitan City involving two (2) motorcycles described as follows:

MC1- Violet Smash Suzuki MC, bearing Temp Plate no. 0901397857 driven by Julius Tubat Mutya, 20, single and a resident of Brgy Sangkol, Dipolog City with back rider Jimmy Abal Mutya, 51, male, also a resident of same place; while
MC2- Black Skygo MC, bearing Plate no. JA 38727 driven by Vergil Castillo Acevedo, 45 yo, male, a resident of Purok 3, Brgy Potungan, Dapitan City.

Investigation conducted disclosed that at about 3:30 PM of same date, MC1 was travelling behind MC2 traversing the National Highway going to Dipolog City. Upon reaching at the place of incident, MC1 U-turned to the right lane and suddenly crossed the national highway but it was collided with MC2 which was travelling from behind.

The driver of MC2 was thrown from his driven motorcycle inflicting serious injuries on the different parts of his body that resulted to his instantaneous death while the driver of MC1 and his back rider also sustained slight injuries on the different parts of their body were brought to Jose Rizal Memorial hospital for medication.

Motorcycles involved were temporarily impounded at Dapitan City Police Station for proper disposition.

Muslim scholar shot dead in Zamboanga


ZAMBOANGA CITY: Motorcycle-riding gunmen shot dead a Muslim scholar late on Thurdays in Zamboanga del Norte.

Police said Ustadz Abdurahman Abubakar was traveling on a motorcycle with his wife and a child when the gunmen who were tailing them fired shots at him in Barangay Malambuhangin in Siocon town.

Abubakar, 37, died instantly from several gunshot wound.

The assailants escaped after the attack leaving the woman and her child unscathed. Police Maj. Helen Galvez, regional police spokesman, said the police were investigating the motive of the murder.

Abubakar’s family did not give any statement in the killing.

Top 5 Most Wanted Person Held in Zambo Norte

(Zamboanga Del Norte Police Report)

LEON POSTIGO, Zamboanga del Norte - A 44-year old construction worker tagged as the Top 5 Most Wanted Person, Municipal Level, was arrested by combined operatives of Leon Postigo Municipal Police Station and CIDG at Barangay Midatag, Leon B. Postigo, Zamboanga del Norte at about 11:00 AM of May 8, 2019.

Police Brigadier Gen. Emmanuel Luis D Licup, PRO9 Director identified the arrested Rolando Andus Tagano, 44 years old, male, married, construction worker, Elementary Grad and a resident of Barangay Poblacion, Leon B Postigo, Zamboanga del Norte.

He was charged for Attempted Murder docketed under Criminal Case Number S-5650 issued by Honorable Judge Reymar L. Lacaya of RTC 9th Judicial Region, Branch 11, Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte, dated August 31, 2017, with bail recommended amounting to One Hundred Twenty Thousand Pesos (P120,000.00).

Subject wanted person is now temporarily detained at Leon B. Postigo MPS for proper disposition.

P3-B road projects in Zamboanga Sibugay, Zamboanga del Norte start construction

By Betheena Unite

Three road projects in Mindanao under a P3-billion fund are now under way, the Department of Public Works and Highways said Thursday.

The road projects are under the “Improving Growth Corridors in Mindanao Road Sector Project” aimed to enhance economic development and peace and order situation in the island provinces of Mindanao, Public Works, and Highway Secretary Mark Villar said.

Under the projects, a total of 67.9 kilometers of road with 11 bridges, drainage, and slope protection components will be implemented in Zamboanga Sibugay and Zamboanga del Norte.

One of the projects is the 23.73-kilometer PR-06, Alicia-Malangas Road, which will be constructed for P1.32 billion. Its construction will include eight bridges and slope protection along with flood prone areas and mountainous sections, among others.

A 29.10-kilometer road — PR-09, Lutiman-Guicam-Olutanga Road — is also underway. A total of P989.16 million was allocated for the road, which covers the construction of the concrete road with slope protection, improvement of drainage, installation of road signage, and application of pavement markings.

Further, in Zamboanga del Norte, the construction of 15.07-kilometer PR-07, Tampilisan-Sandayong Road had already started. It will cost P623.26 million, covering road concreting, with three bridge component.

“If weather permits, we will be able to complete and open these vital road networks in Mindanao by 2021,” Villar said.

The secretary added that the construction of the road projects is funded by the Asian Development Bank.

ALS mobile teachers undergo training to enhance services for OSYs

By Emmanuel D. Taghoy (ALT/EDT/PIA9-Zamboanga del Norte with reports from Shekinah Benitez, ACCA)

DIPOLOG CITY, Zamboanga del Norte, May 24 (PIA) - - - More than a hundred Alternative Learning System (ALS) implementers underwent a six days training dubbed “Power for Youth: A Training of ALS Implementers on the Delivery of Life Skills Modules” at a local hotel here.

The training, held from May 19-24, was organized by the SUGPAT Program of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University’s Center for Culture and the Arts (ACCA), in partnership with UNICEF Philippines, ING, and Department of Education (DepEd).

“This has been my long dream that there will really be a good transition from the school to the workplace and I'm happy that Ateneo de Zamboanga, through SUGPAT, including UNICEF and ING, were able to get the idea of what DepEd wants because DepEd cannot do it alone,” DepEd-9 Regional Director Isabelita Borres said

According to the data gathered by DepEd Central Office, Zamboanga del Norte has the highest number of ALS learners in Zamboanga Peninsula.

The main objective of SUGPAT is to enhance the delivery of ALS in the region.

Leynie Boy G. Bellino, ALS Focal Person of Zamboanga del Norte and Education Program Specialist said, “through this program of SUGPAT, with the help of ING and UNICEF, we could make a better place for all the people of Zamboanga del Norte, especially the out-of-school youth.”

The training hopes to enable the ALS implementers on the articulation of competencies into success indicators, science and art of questioning, and cooperative learning and assessment strategies.

Moreover, it also aims to cocreate the contextualized activity-based worksheets based on Muslim Education Program, Indigenous Peoples Education Program, and General Education Program, using the alignment of competencies and learning intents from Life Skills Modules and ALS Curriculum.

The SUGPAT Program is a social innovation and flagship program of ACCA. From an arts for development project in 2015, it has transformed into a social innovation program addressing adolescent programming through innovative strategies covering areas on policy, research, and barangay and youth leadership.

Man Held in Sindangan COMELEC Checkpoint

(Zamboanga Del Norte Police Report)

SINDANGAN, Zamboanga del Norte - Police elements of Sindangan Municipal Police Station led by Police Major Domingo Suarez Murillo II together with the RFMB9 901st personnel conducted COMELEC checkpoint at Barangay Ramon Magsaysay, Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte at about 4:00 AM of May 15, 2019.

The operation was led to the interception of Danilo Gantalao Olag, 31 years old, male, single, a resident of Brgy. Mangilay, Siayan, Zamboanga Del Norte, who committed a violation in relation to COMELEC Resolution no. 10446, sec 261 of the Omnibus Election Code Art XXII, Sec 32 of RA no. 7166, recovered from his possession are the following items:

a. one (1) sling bag colored black; b. one (1) unit of colored black Uzi .9mm para with serial no. X902070989 c. two (2) magazines with twenty-two (22) live ammos.

The suspect was brought to Sindangan District Hospital for physical/medical examination and later brought to Sindangan Municipal Police Station for filing appropriate charges in court.

PRO-9 deploys new policemen to line units

By Teofilo Garcia, Jr. (PNA)

ZAMBOANGA CITY -- The Police Regional Office-9 (PRO-9) has deployed 503 new policemen to its different units to boost security and anti-criminality operations across the region.

Police Brig. Gen. Emmanuel Luis Licup, PRO-9 director, said Tuesday the new policemen have been deployed as follows: Regional Mobile Force Battalion-9 (RMFB-9), 190 cops; Zamboanga City Mobile Force Company, 78; Zamboanga Del Norte Provincial Mobile Force Company, 61; Zamboanga Del Sur Provincial Mobile Force Company, 79; and Zamboanga Sibugay Provincial Mobile Force Company, 93.

Licup led the send-off ceremony Monday of the 503 new policemen at the Camp Col. Romeo Abendan that houses the PRO-9 headquarters in Barangay Mercedes, this city.

Licup said the deployment of newly graduated cops will beef up the existing deployment at the Public Safety Forces Company for police visibility and internal security operations in the region.

Licup said the 503 new policemen have completed the six-month Public Safety Basic Recruit Course (PSBRC), and six months of Field Training Program (FTP) that honed their efficiency and competence as law enforcement officers. They have also had undergone a rigid 60-day Basic Internal Security Operation Course (BISOC) training conducted by the Regional Special Training Units-9 and Philippine National Police-Special Action Force, he added.

In addition, Licup said the new police personnel have also completed the Air to Ground Operations Seminar (AGOS) training initiated by the Philippine Air Force (PAF) based in Edwin Andrew Airbase here which trained them as combat air patrollers.

Nuisance candidate ploy in Zambo Norte flops


SPECULATION was rife prior to this year’s midterm elections that Zamboanga del Norte Gov. Roberto Uy might lose his bid for reelection.

The reason? Some smart political strategists allegedly linked to his political rivals fielded a candidate with the same name and even the same nickname as the governor. The ploy made political observers take a closer look at the battle for the gubernatorial post of the province. It appeared many wanted to find out if this ancient technique of confusing and misleading voters in a local election would still work today.

By most indications, the answer is a resounding “No.” The Zamboanga del Norte elections showed that voters will go out of their way to express their true will despite a determined bid on the part of some political tricksters to thwart them. As we write this column, the real “Roberto Uy” — the incumbent governor — is leading his closest rival, congressman Bullet Jalosjos, by some 6,000 votes, with most of the votes already counted.

Here’s the interesting thing: the other “Roberto Uy” — the incumbent’s namesake who was later disqualified by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) which declared him a “nuisance candidate still managed to garner a sizable vote. As of the latest count, the nuisance candidate had a little over 20,000 votes to his name.

That number of votes is significant. That would be the total number of voters of a small municipality. In a close fight, that number could decide who wins and who loses. That number also indicates the power of confusion. It’s clear that the sole purpose of fielding a namesake is to take away votes from the legitimate candidate by misleading voters.

This brings us back to the nagging question which surfaced during the campaign period — did not the Comelec, right from the start, realize that the namesake was a nuisance candidate? In its belated resolution, the Comelec said the other “Roberto Uy” had no visible means to fund his campaign.

According to locals, the guy was a scavenger recruited by some group and placed in the payroll of a municipal government. The Comelec also said the incumbent governor’s namesake had no previous experience or didn’t have the ability to perform the duties and functions of the office for which he intended to run.

The malicious intent of the scheme became even more obvious as there were tarpaulins and leaflets bearing the name of the incumbent but with the ballot number of the nuisance candidate, clearly aimed at confusing the voters even more. Undoubtedly, the fielding of a nuisance candidate was a well-planned ploy at deception.

Observers and voters who detected the scheme could only shake their heads in disbelief. They asked, did the Comelec, wittingly or unwittingly, allow itself to be an accomplice in the ploy? Why was it not quick to detect the scheme? Why did it allow the nuisance candidate’s name to be included in the ballot?

To this day, these questions remain in the minds of baffled observers. Their doubts are only compounded by the apparent foot-dragging on the part of the Comelec to proclaim the gubernatorial candidate who has already garnered the most number of votes. As of press time, Governor Uy is reportedly still begging the Comelec to proclaim him as the victor in the gubernatorial polls.

Governor Uy can take care of himself. What concerns us is the plight of the 20,000-plus voters who voted for the nuisance candidate “Uy” in the ballot. What happens to these votes now?

If memory serves me right, once official ballots are printed, the votes of the disqualified bets like nuisance candidate Uy will be considered as stray votes. In effect, the Comelec practically disenfranchised the 20,000-plus voters who intended to vote for the legitimate contender but whose votes were counted under the nuisance candidate’s.

So, isn’t the Comelec making voters pay the price for its inaction? Does this not amount to thwarting the will of the electorate?

These questions from the public may portray Comelec unfairly. But the poll body has to admit voting issues like these are valid and inevitable. The number of votes cast in favor of a nuisance candidate is staggering — 20,000-plus. It is unlikely that 20,000-plus voters in that province would have deliberately opted to vote for someone whom the Comelec adjudged as having neither the ability nor intention to perform the duties of the office for which he was a candidate.

Perhaps it is time that the Comelec reexamine its procedures and processes in screening legitimate candidates. The public is not asking the Comelec to disqualify scavengers like the nuisance “Uy” from running for public office.

Rather, what the public wants is for the Comelec to adopt a process and to act promptly in order to prevent nuisance candidates from getting their names printed on the ballot in the first place, such as when a scavenger like the nuisance “Uy” runs for public office for the sole purpose of sowing confusion among voters and misleading them.

It’s a good thing the nuisance candidate ploy flopped. The legitimate candidate in Zamboanga del Norte emerged victorious.

Nevertheless, the fact that some 20,000-plus voters’ votes went to waste should prick the sensibilities of the concerned officials in Comelec, which failed to act quickly enough to stop the nuisance candidate ploy.

Poll winners in Zambo Norte proclaimed

By Gualberto Laput (PNA)

DIPOLOG, Zamboanga del Norte – Governor Roberto Y. Uy (PDP-Laban) has retained the governorship in a hotly- and closely-contested election against challenger Rep. Seth Frederick P. Jalosjos of the Hugpong ng Pagbabago-Alliance of Political Parties (HNP-APP).

Uy was proclaimed governor by the provincial board of canvassers at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Provincial Board) session hall in this city over the weekend.

Uy garnered 219,412 votes, just 2,895 ahead of Jalosjos.

In this province’s first district, Romeo Jalosjos Jr. (HNP-APP) won against Uy’s son, Roberto Jr. (PDP-Laban), while in the second district, Rep. Glona Labadlabad (PDP-Laban) retained her position against challenger Flora Villarosa (HNP-APP), the outgoing mayor of Siayan town.

In the third district, challenger Norbedieri Edding (HNP-APP) lost to incumbent Rep. Isagani Amatong.

Gen. (ret.) Alexander Yano, former Armed Forces chief of staff, lost to former congressman Rosendo Labadlabad, husband of the second district congresswoman, in Sindangan, the largest town of this province.

Jalosjos proclaimed mayor in Dapitan City

By Gualberto Laput (PNA)

DAPITAN CITY, Zamboanga del Norte -- After six gruelling days of delayed counting and canvassing, incumbent Dapitan City Mayor Rosalina Jalosjos was proclaimed at 12:20 p.m. Saturday as the winner in the mayoralty race. Jalosjos got 26,407 votes against her challenger, former mayor Evelyn Uy of nearby Dipolog City, who got 20,642 votes.

Dapitan, a third-class city has 50 barangays with 57,434 registered voters.

Jalosjos’ running mate, Jimmy Israel Patrick Chan, and nine council aspirants were also proclaimed winners.

Only one of candidates for councilor from Uy’s camp, Jezebel Balisado, entered the 10-seat Sangguniang Panlungsod.

The race has now shifted to the gubernatorial seat, where Zamboanga del Norte first district Rep. Seth Frederick Jalosjos, the nephew of Mayor Jalosjos, is in a tight race against incumbent Gov. Roberto Uy, Evelyn’s husband.

As of 11:10 a.m. Saturday, Gov. Uy received 212,106 votes against Rep. Jalosjos, who got 208,363 votes. There are more than 50 precincts still to be canvassed throughout this province.

Dapitan City candidates decry massive malfunction of VCMs

By Gualberto Laput (PNA)

DAPITAN CITY, Zamboanga del Norte – Tension and qualms on why so many units of vote counting machines (VCM) malfunctioned have gripped this city as the canvassing of votes dragged on to its fifth day on Friday.

Supporters of former Dipolog City Mayor Evelyn Uy, who ran for mayor against incumbent Mayor Rosalina Jalosjos, have gathered at the government center where the canvassing is being held since Wednesday, and demanded for the counting to continue since no winners were proclaimed yet.

“When counting of votes started, we observed that the malfunctioning of VCMs happened in District 1 – this is the district that is being strangled by [the Jalosjoses],” Uy said in the vernacular in a statement on Thursday.

This province has three districts. The first district, where this city is located, is the known bailiwick of the Jalosjos clan.

The second district, where Dipolog City is located, is the stronghold of the Uys. The third district is under incumbent Rep. Isagani Amatong, an ally of the Uys.

Jalosjos, however, said it is absurd to insinuate that her camp is behind the malfunctioning of VCMs and delay in the canvassing.

“We have the same number of watchers, we have the same number of lawyers attending to the counting and canvassing, why did they not complain to the Comelec (Commission on Elections)? Does it mean that Belen Uy and supporters don’t trust their lawyers and watchers?” she said in an interview Thursday.

Jalosjos also questioned the “massive” malfunction of VCMs, particularly in this city where she said “almost half of the VCMs have glitches”.

Of the 82 VCMs allotted for this city, 38 malfunctioned because of failed Secure Digital (SD) Cards.

On Wednesday, Comelec personnel here, accompanied by lawyers from both camps, went to Zamboanga City to get replacements but were only able to get 14 SD cards.

The remaining 24 SD cards are expected to be brought here Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, vote-buying and selling allegedly occurred in Mindanao, particularly in Dapitan City.

A retired policeman, who requested anonymity, said his cousin, a fishpond caretaker, received PHP30,000 for her vote on election day.

“She took the amount, which is supposed to be for six voters – for her, for her four children who are working in other places and her husband who cannot vote because he is bedridden,” the policeman said.

‘Kidnapper’ nabbed in Zamboanga del Norte

By BONG GARCIA (SunStar Philippines)

AN ALLEGED member of a kidnap-for-ransom-group (KFRG) member was arrested in a law enforcement operation in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, a top police official said Wednesday, May 8.

Arrested was Asbi Samdani, 39, a member of the Barahama Alih group, according to Police Regional Office-Zamboanga Peninsula director Emmanuel Licup.

Both the police and military authorities have tagged the Barahama Alih group as involved in kidnappings, robbery holdups, contract killings, and other atrocities.

Police Brigadier General Licup said Samdani was arrested around 4:45 p.m. Tuesday in Sukan village, Labason town.

Licup said Samdani has standing warrant of arrest for violation of Section 11 of Republic Act 9165 otherwise known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 with no bail bond recommended issued on June 6, 2019 by the court of Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay.

He said a grenade was recovered from the possession of Samdani when he was arrested by a joint team of policemen and soldiers.

Zambo Norte bet, pal nabbed for gun ban violation

By Teofilo Garcia, Jr. (PNA)

ZAMBOANGA CITY -- A candidate for vice mayor and his companion were arrested early Monday for alleged election gun ban violation in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, a police official said.

Major Helen Galvez, Police Regional Office-9 (PRO-9) information officer, identified them as Sergio Bihag, 57, and Jetro Ybañez.

Bihag is a retired police major and candidate for vice mayor in the municipality of Salug, Zamboanga del Norte.

Galvez said Bihag and Ybañez were arrested at a checkpoint around 2:45 a.m. Monday in Barangay Pucay, Salug town.

Confiscated from the possession of the two were a .38-caliber revolver with ammunition, and one Thompson sub-machine gun with ammunition, police said.

Bihag and his companion were being detained and cases for election gun ban violation is set to be filed against them, police said.

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