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Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Zamboanga City, Philippines
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List of Members and Officers of Beta Nu

The 15 chartered members of Beta Nu Alpha Phi Omega - Ateneo de Zamboanga Chapter

Jose Abrajano
Passed: 3/14/1970 Ritualized: 3/14/1970 Initiation Name: Mangkukulam ID# 4409 Profession:

Laureano Agduma
Passed: 10/05/1969 Ritualized: 1/24/1970 Initiation Name: Ezekiel ID# 4410 Profession:
Efigenio D. Aquino Jr.
Efigenio D. Aquino Jr.
Passed: 2/14/1970
Ritualized: 3/14/1970
Initiation Name: Valentino
ID# 4411
Profession: OIC VP - Membership II, Membership Group

Carpenter Arpa III
Passed: 10/11/1969
Ritualized: 1/24/1970
Initiation Name: Tamerlane
ID# 4412
Profession: Attorney at Law

Leonardo Barrios
Passed: 10/01/1969
Ritualized: 1/24/1970
Initiation Name: Artemedorus
ID# 4413

Rogelio G. Buenvenida
Passed: 10/11/1969
Ritualized: 01/24/1970
Initiation Name: Bulilit
ID# 4414
Profession: Sports Director AdeZU,Judo director/Instructor

Claro F. Cartagena
Passed: 10/05/1969
Ritualized: 1/24/1970
Initiation Name: Aralco Cartage
ID# 4415

Jesus Cases
Passed: 10/06/1969
Ritualized: 1/24/1970
Initiation Name: Lonely Bull
ID# 4416

Rogelio Epistola
Passed: 2/14/1970
Ritualized: 3/14/1970
Initiation Name: Socrates
ID# 4417
Profession: Accountant - Brent Hospital, Z.C.

Faisal Malande
Passed: 10/01/1969 Ritualized: 01/24/1970 Initiation Name: Octavius ID# 4418

Alvin Norman Maletsky
Passed: 10/11/1969
Ritualized: 01/24/1970
Initiation Name: Polack
ID# 4419
Profession: Elec. Engineer

Franklin Harry Maletsky
Passed: 3/14/1970
Ritualized: 3/14/1970
Initiation Name: Phantom
ID# 4420
Profession: Farmer

Wilfredo T. Manlangit
Passed: 10/11/1969
Ritualized: 01/24/1970
Initiation Name: Skyhawk
ID# 4421
Retired Major 

Albino Perez
Passed: 10/01/1969
Ritualized: 01/24/1970
Initiation Name: La Saint (Mark Anthony)
ID# 4423
Roger Mijares
Passed: 08/30/1970
Ritualized: 09/20/1970
Initiation Name: Billy the Kid
ID# 4422
Profession: Retired Army Colonel - Pastor
***Roger Mijares was included in the chartered member list as of February 28, 1972. Replaced Ernesto Wee who was expelled from the brotherhood on February 28, 1972.

History of Beta Nu, Alpha Phi Omega, Philippines

In October 5, 1969 Lord Ferdinand G. Florendo (SN#2306) from Siliman University (Gamma Chapter) officially established Alpha Phi Omega in the campus of Ateneo de Zamboanga.

January 24, 1970 - First ritual of the first chartered members of the Ateneo chapter and formal existence of the chapter.

March 6, 1970 - Completion of the Ateneo chapter and first ritual of the sorority members.

The first officers of Beta Nu chapter were:

Grand Chancellor - Ferdinand G. Florendo
Prime Chancellor - Jesus Cases
Brother Scribe    -  Ernesto Wee
Treasure           -  Alvin Maletsky
Brother Historian - Carpenter Arpa III
Chairman on Campus Activities: Faisal Malande

Ferdinand Florendo Claro Cartagena Sonny Boy Arpa Willi Manlangit Roger Buenvenida alpha phi omega beta nu chartered members
Picture taken in October of 1969: The man with the hat is is our chapter founder and first president, Ferdinand Florendo. The man with the paddle is Jesse Tiamson of Southern City Colleges.
Standing left to right: Alvin N. Maletsky, Tawasil Undug (SCC),
WillieManlangit,Jessie Tiamson (Psi chapter), Carpenter Arpa III, Marcelino Caliolio Jr. (SCC), Ferdinand G. Florendo, Manuel Francisco (SCC). Ernesto Wee, Abdulpasa Nur (SCC)
Sitting Left to Right: Camilo Yap, Hadji Alih (SCC), Felix Tulfo (SCC), Roger Buenvenida, Claro Cartagena
This picture will forever remain in the history books of Alpha phi omega.


alpha phi omega: Frank Maletsky and Zorayda Mariano

Sis Zorayda B. Mariano and Bro. Frank Maletsky December 5, 1970. Who is this guy sitting up front?

alpha phi omega Frank Maletsky and Carpenter Arpa III chartered members of Beta Nu

Brother Carpenter Arpa III (Right) and  Brother Frank Maletsky (Left) at the Public school Library handing over the book stands to the librarian July 20. 1970.

September 2, 1972: "Final Initiation - This was the day agreed upon by all brothers and sisters to be the final initiation day so as not to disturb the pledgees on their studies in preparation for the mid-term exams, September 4, 1972.   It was held at brother Franklin Maletsky's farm in Tumaga, Zamboanga City. It was the best final initiation that we had seen and observed. The plan, the applications and the process were perfectly done.   With such great number of applicants only ten passed: Brothers: Neal Gacrama, Oscar Bagsican, Efraem Pabres, Plaridel Marcelo.  Sisters: Gilda Belleza, Luisita Garcia, Luz Illustrisimo, Elizabeth Javier, Bernadette Mijares, Georgina Pantaleon."

Single file they March on into the unknown. "Camp Horton" Frank Maletsky's farm is waiting for them. Pictured here is Teetang Garcia, who was one of the pledgees that passed.

Beta Nu Brothers and Sisters Pose before the formal Session
JungJung Aquino and Roger Mijares would rather embrace each other. Brothers forever. Forget the girls!! Oh no, not me says Willie.
From Left: Jung Jung Aquino, Roger Mijares, Rosalinda Ungab, Judith Cabatit, Helen Asia, Willie Manlangit

Roger Mijares: " Don't let her go Sis." Judith holding pledgee.
Comment: Alpha Phi Omega is now against Hazing.

Smoking is Claro Cartagena, sitting is Ephraim Fabros, holding a pledge pin Helen Asia, Rose Ungab, Neal Gacrama, Judith Cabatit

September 2, 1972, tumaga Z.C.
They suffered, they cried, they struggled and made it!! APO forever!!
Sitting from left: Neil Gacrama, Georgina Pantaleon Yu, Bernadette Mijares, Oscar Bagsican
Kneeling from left: Gilda Belleza, Luz Ilustrisimo, Luisita Garcia, Elizabeth Javier
Standing from left: Ephraim Fabros, Plaridel Marcelo

The New Members with the oldies. It was a glorious day!
A great part of Apo History

Guy and Roger Buenvenida 1977
Roger Buenvenida in Uniform??
Roger Mijares going camping?
Chicks Serenading JungJung
This is how you do it Sis!!
APO now disapproves Hazing
No Bro, this is how you do it!!

The Generals! Buenvenida, Aquino, Mijares, Arpa III

Created for Apo PhilippinesΑΦΩ Alpha Phi Omega Philippines on May 27, 2008 by Frank Maletsky (3/14/1970 ID# 0213-1970-4420), who is a chartered member of Beta Nu. Last March 17, 2009 brother Frank Maletsky created the new "dynamic" interactive, and collaborative webpage for Beta Nu  to replace this html and "static" page. All new edits are done at this new site. Everybody can participate. He went one step further and created a simple public page for every brother and sister.  His goal is to help unite all APO brothers and sisters around the world through a common relevant and collaborative manner by providing the portal where all can connect. The 3rd stanza of our toast song reads:

"Brothers/sisters Strong the circle we.
Ever mindful, ever serving
All humanity."
This is when we clasp the hands
of the brothers/sisters next to us.
Let's clasp hands over the internet.

Be a leader, Be a friend, Be of Service. Join us in this quest. View the online APO Roster. Create your own profile page.

This web site is intended for public viewing and is provided solely for personal reference. It should not be considered an authoritative source nor an official publication of Alpha Phi Omega. Inquiries regarding Alpha Phi Omega and its official publications should be directed to:

Alpha Phi Omega International (Philippines), Inc.
301-A Two Seventy Midtower Condominium
270 Ermin Garcia, Brgy Silangan, Cubao, Quezon City
Tel.# (632) 4397603

Brother Rogelio G. Buenvenida was more than helpful in the gathering of information.

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