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Featured Beach: Baong Island Beach


Baong Island Beach:


It is hard to imagine that the City of Zamboanga has many beautiful beaches within its city limits, but nevertheless many people, including native Zamboanguenos themselves, are amazed that there are that many additional beaches within their reach that they have not heard or seen before, or may have heard of but not seen before.  We at are working hard to enlighten all our readers about the many wondrous beaches that beckons their discovery or re-discovery, in hopes that you will get a chance to enjoy the numerous natural attractions the city has to offer its visitors.


Just north of Visa Island, Baong Island is visibly much bigger in size than Visa Island and has a substantially larger expanse of white sandy beach for visitors to frolic on.  As with the other nearby islands, the water is teeming with fish and snorkeling is a good option.  It is sparsely inhabited by local fishermen.  More photos of Baong Island and its surrounding area can be experienced below (click thumbnail for bigger photo).



Zamboanga_City_Baong_Island Zamboanga_City_Baong_and_Visa_islands Zamboanga_City_Baong_Visa_Bobo_and_Salangan_islands


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