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Featured Beach: Caragasan Beach


Caragasan Beach:

Zamboanga_City_Caragasan_Beach3A long-time favorite of Zamboanguenos, Caragasan Beach's white sand area has been diminished over the past many years and is now more rocky than sandy.  The open view of the Basilan Straight water has increasingly been blocked by numerous street vendors on the beach side of the street, almost eliminating the still beautiful view of the water and beyond.  The beach is still very popular with local area residents, and continues to attract throngs of people into its warm shallow waters.  However, its beach has become dirty and polluted with garbage, left over by picnickers without any regard to preserving its environment.  It is hopeful that the city and the barrio government will enact a much needed beach cleaning process in order to rectify a visual eye-sore, and establish zoning rules to keep vending stores located only on the opposite side of the street facing the beach.  More photos of Caragasan Beach and its surrounding area can be experienced below (click thumbnail for bigger photo).



Zamboanga City's Caragasan Beach Zamboanga_City_Caragasan_Beach2 Zamboanga_City_Caragasan_Beach4 Zamboanga_City_Caragasan_Beach5 Zamboanga_City_Caragasan_Beach6



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