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Zamboanga - historically known as "the place of flowers".

History of Zamboanga

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History of Zamboanga - circa 1300s


1300s A.D. The Malayan influx


Then came the Badjaos and the Samals from Malayan decent who settled along the Jambangan shoreline in the 1300s. They made contact with the founding Subanons who told them the namesake of their newfound home. The new settlers however preferred to call it Samboangan, which to this day is what they sentimentally call it. However, those who still insist on referring to Samboangan as the original name of Zamboanga City are subject to debate of loose historical facts. One can only imagine the migration route that was founded by the Malayan settlers into Jambangan and Mindanao, and the trade route that ensued along the Sulu Archipelago between them, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and the traders from the Middle East, India, China, and Japan who were plying the waters of this area.


The Tausugs came next along with the Yakans, both of Malayan decent also. The Tausugs eventually became the most dominant and aggressive ethnic group of the entire region, establishing their own Sultanate based in the island of Jolo, and was part of the bigger Sultanate of Brunei in north Borneo, a thriving trade center of more than 70,000 people. The world at this time was in a trading frenzy and the Malays were leading the way to new products, commerce, and exotic shores, and Jambangan was a contributor to this trade activity.


The Badjaos, Samals, Tausugs, and Yakans from Malaysia and Borneo/Brunei still consist a big majority of the minority group that make up today's area population. On the other hand, the founding Subanons of Indonesia have long moved their nucleus onto the hinterlands of the Mindanao Island peninsula to pursue their ancient ways, leaving behind only a semblance of their numerous presence. One can catch a glimpse of what it must have been like in the early days by visiting their mountain home today. The Yakans would choose to establish themselves in the island of Basilan, with a small thriving community present here today. The Badjaos are a sea-faring tribe in its truest sense and can be seen scattered around the Sulu Archipelago, but have a loose foothold on residency here.






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History of Zamboanga - circa 1500s

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Republic of Zamboanga - 1st Philippine Republic

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Pink Sand Beach of Great Santa Cruz Island, Zamboanga City, Philippines.

Rare pink-sand beach of

Great Santa Cruz Island -

a must see experience!

More nice beaches below:

White Sand Beach of Pitas Island, Zamboanga City, Philippines.

Pitas Island & Beach


La Vista del Mar Beach Resort, Zamboanga City, Philippines.

La Vista del Mar Beach


Zamboanga City's bobo Island & Beach

Bobo Island & Beach

Bolong Beach - U belong!

Mile-long Bolong Beach, Zamboanga City, Philippines.


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