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"Adivinanza" In English: Riddle-

Ejemplo del palabra "ADIVINANZA" na lenguaje del chavacano(chabacano)

Adivinanza de chavacano:
  • Cosa papel si denoche, lapis si de dia. Paper at night and pencil during the day.
    • Petate - Mat
  • Alboroto si bajo, Calma si hondo. Noisy when shallow; Quiet when deep.
    • Rio - river
  • Taqui ya, taqui ya, Pero no ta mira. It's already here, it's already here. But you can't see it.
    • Aire o viento - [Air or wind]
  • Cual pono na monte, tiene ramas, nuay hojas? What’s that tree in the mountain which has branches but no leaves?
    • Venao - deer
  • Cielo arriba, cielo abajo, agua na medio. Sky above, sky below, water in the middle.
    • Coco - Coconut
  • Tiene un pono, ta come de suyo mismo cuerpo. There's a tree that eats up its own trunk.
    • Candela - Candle
  • Tiene lang un diente mi lola. Ta oi todo el gente, si ele ta grita. My grandma has but one tooth. Yet everyone hears her when she shouts.
    • Campana - Church bell

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