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President Duterte and his followers promote the biggest DECEPTION and con in the Philippines. They push for Federalism and constitutional reform or charter change (cha-cha) just to boost political dynasties and to give the Muslims(Moros) their own state, a "BangasaMoro" (Muslim Nation), an Islamic State within the Philippines.

Barangays of Santa Barbara, in the Iloilo Province within Region 6-Western Visayas in the Republic of the Philippines
AgusipanAgutayanBagumbayanBalabagBalibagan EsteBalibagan OesteBan-agBantayBarangay Zone IBarangay Zone IIBarangay Zone IIIBarangay Zone IVBarangay Zone VBarangay Zone VIBarasan EsteBarasan OesteBinangkilanBitaog-TaytayBolong EsteBolong OesteBuayahonBuyoCabugao NorteCabugao SurCadagmayan NorteCadagmayan SurCafeCalaboa EsteCalaboa OesteCamambuganCanipayanConaynayDagaDalidDuyanduyanGen. Martin T. DelgadoGunoInangayanJibao-anLacadonLanagLupaMagancinaMalawogMambuyoManhayangMiraga-GuibuanganNasugbanOmambogPal-AgonPungsodSan SebastianSangcateTagsingTalanghauanTalongadianTigtigTuburanTugasTungay

Philippines, is the only country in the world which is 85% Catholic that created FIVE(5) national laws "favoring", "respecting" and "financing" the religion of ISLAM.
Then made it unlawful to finance all other religions.
The only country in the world that has a government commission that caters to Muslims only, for the hajj, for madrasas, and the spread of Islam at government's expense PAID by the taxes of Non-Muslims.

Religion is always good for the people but it should never be embraced or financed by government. Tax exemption is not tantamount to financing. Every non-profit organization is tax-exempt.