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Province of Albay - Archived News

Albay seal.png
Seal of the Province of Albay
Interactive Google Satellite Map of the Province of Albay
Albay map.png
Location of Albay within the Philippines
Albay provincial capitol.jpg
Provincial Capitol Building of Albay, in Legazpi City
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World Vision rolls out relief operations in Albay

By Raffy Cabristante / VS (GMA News)

World Vision, a Christian humanitarian aid organization, on Friday said it has rolled out relief operations for evacuees displaced by the restive Mayon Volcano in Albay.

The organization, in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), now targets to help more than 5,000 affected families in 13 evacuation centers in Guinobatan, Daraga, Camalig, and Sto. Domingo, it said in a statement.

World Vision's assistance includes water tanks and filtration systems, repair and construction of water facilities and toilets.

Rubber mats, pails and dippers, bath and laundry soaps, and other basic non-food items are also being delivered directly to where evacuees are staying. This is to avoid long queues during distribution of relief goods, World Vision noted.

"From monitoring the Mayon situation, we deem it necessary to augment government relief efforts and assist the growing hygiene and sanitation needs in evacuation centers to keep families safe," World Vision Philippine executive director Josaias dela Cruz said.

Over 12,000 families were forced to evacuate a month after the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology raised the status of Mayon Volcano to Alert Level 3.

World Vision is one of the largest child-focused organizations pushing for the passage of the Children Emergency Relief and Protection Act, which aims to institutionalize child protection and participation in disaster risk reduction.

Phivolcs to place sturdier markers around Mayon’s danger zone

By Joel Locsin / KG (GMA News)

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology will place sturdier markers defining the danger zone around restive Mayon Volcano, after finding some of the markers may have been moved.

Phivolcs also expects a team of geodetic engineers to arrive in Albay Thursday to determine where the markers should be placed, according to radio dzBB's Carlo Mateo on Thursday.

A separate report by GMA News' John Consulta on GMA News TV's News to Go indicated the new markers may be made of concrete.

The markers would help authorities evacuate families from the danger zone, especially after Phivolcs had raised the alert level at Mayon to "3" since mid-September.

Under Alert Level 3, an eruption is possible within weeks.

More than 12,000 families in the danger zone had been moved to evacuation centers.

Climate walkers reach Albay

By Bong Lozada (PR)

LEGAZPI CITY -- Over a thousand people participated in the Albay leg of the “People’s Walk for Climate Justice” Wednesday.

Albay Governor Joey Salceda welcomed them who have walked a distance of 500 kilometers and are now more than halfway in their quest to reach Tacloban City by November 8, the first anniversary of Typhoon Yolanda’s (Haiyan) historic landfall in the Philippines.

“Albay welcomes these climate advocates, our modern-day heroes who are raising awareness on climate change and are fighting the climate fight on behalf of millions of Filipinos who are bearing the brunt of extreme weather events that often cause disasters and human misery,” said Salceda.

A staunch supporter of the climate revolution and a champion for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation efforts, Governor Salceda spent his birthday by joining the climate walkers.

Hailed by the UN as the role model on good practices on disaster risk reduction program, Albay province consistently follows through with its goal of “zero casualty” in times of calamities whether it be from typhoons, landslides, floods, storm surges. This goal will again be put to a test with the pending eruption of Mayon Volcano.

The province is also lauded for its climate change adaptation (CCA) efforts, with Governor Salceda being the prime mover of the CCA program that led to a commitment between national and local government.

“Albay has a zero casualty policy as far as disaster impact is concerned. We have also created the institutional frameworks to deal both with climate change and disaster risks, and have set aside budgets to reduce future risks from the impacts of climate change, including through our work to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Dealing with climate change and disaster risks is the responsibility of chief executives of local government and cannot be delegated or outsourced,” Salceda added.

Ron Villafuerte, a Greenpeace volunteer climate walker and a proud native of Bicol, called on the leaders of other cities to follow suit and transition to a more resilient, low carbon pathway.

“The Philippines can lead the climate revolution if we replicate the efforts and commitments done by Albay province to the rest of the country,” he said.

Now on its 21st day, the climate walk seeks to raise awareness on climate change by getting commitments from local policymakers and holding climate programs in communities, schools and local government offices, sharing stories of local folk on the ground and mobilizing people in demanding world leaders to take climate action and holding big industry polluters and their respective governments accountable for their contribution to the climate crisis.

“Imagine what the world would be like if we had more progressive leaders that value nature and the environment, to ensure a habitable planet for all their citizens. I dedicate this walk to support the call for climate justice because I refuse to succumb to a life that is doomed to the impacts of climate change,” said Villafuerte.

For more information on the Climate Walk: A People’s Walk for Climate Justice, go to

Pagasa observes 400-m Mayon lava flow

By Bong Lozada (

MANILA, Philippines—A lava flow on Mayon Volcano, which happened on Sunday, was seen to etch its side 300 meters to 400 meters downhill, the volcanology institute said Tuesday.

In perspective, a 300-meter to 400-meter track is approximately as long as four football pitches or 14 basketball courts.

In its Mayon bulletin, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said the lava flow happened on Sunday but was investigated through an aerial survey on Monday.

Mayon recorded four volcanic earthquakes from 8 a.m. Monday0 to 8 a.m. Tuesday with three rockfall events.

Moderate emission of white steam plumes drifting southwest and west-northwest was also observed.

Also, Phivolcs observed a faint crater glow at the volcano’s peak Monday evening.

Sulfur dioxide flux was recorded at 272 metric tons per day on Monday.

Mayon Volcano remains on alert level 3.

Albay, Ligao, Tabaco cancel sem break to hold make-up classes after Mayon unrest

By Jeannette I. Andrade (Philippine Daily Inquirer)

MANILA, Philippines — Three school divisions in the Bicol region have declared no semestral breaks in elementary and secondary schools to make up for the disruption of classes caused by Mayon Volcano’s state of unrest.

To comply with the Department of Education’s 180-school day requirement, the school division superintendents in Albay province as well as Ligao and Tabaco Cities have cancelled the scheduled semestral break of students from October 20 to 24.

Albay schools division superintendent Bebiano Sentillas said in a memorandum that while elementary and high school students not affected by the volcano’s activity could have their semestral break, classes would continue for students in schools used as evacuation centers as well as those in makeshift classrooms at evacuation sites.

This is, according to the memorandum, intended to compensate for the number of days classes have been suspended.

No semestral break order will take effect in 54 primary and secondary schools in the towns of Malilipot, Sto. Domingo, Daraga, Camalig, and Guinobatan, according to Sentillas. Of the 54 schools, 28 are being used as evacuation centers.

Tabaco City division of schools superintendent Ma. Luisa Dela Rosa, in her memorandum said that schools that have been holding classes in shifts will not have a semestral break. These are: the Bantayan Elementary School; Buhian Elementary School; Bonot Elementary School; Comon Elementary School; Magapo Elementary School; Mayon Elementary School; Nagsipit Elementary School; San Antonio Elementary School; San Isidro Elementary School; Oson Elementary School; Quinastillojan Elementary School; Tabaco Northwest Central School; Comon High School; San Antonio National High School; and the Tabaco National High School.

Dela Rosa said that the 15 elementary and high schools held classes in shifts because of Mayon Volcano’s activity.

Meanwhile, Ligao city schools division superintendent Evangeline Palencia cancelled the semestral break for all schools in the city to make up for the class suspensions due to Typhoon “Glenda” (international name Rammasun) and Mayon Volcano’s state of unrest.

Mayon’s moods play key role in tourism

By Juan Escandor Jr. (Inquirer Southern Luzon)

LEGAZPI CITY—The other gauge of whether Mayon Volcano is erupting soon can be found in the city’s hotels.

Regional tourism officials are linking the prolonged wait for the eruption with a decline in hotel occupancy rate in the city.

Maria “Nini” Ravanilla, Bicol regional tourism director, said when news first came out on Mayon becoming restive, the occupancy rate of hotels in this city was 50 percent.

She said the occupancy rate shot up to 80 percent when Mayon’s alert status was raised to 3 on Sept. 15.

Ravanilla said because of the lull in Mayon’s activities nowadays, the occupancy rate in hotels dived to a low of 30 percent.

“Maybe they (tourists) are waiting for the big bang but there is a lull (in Mayon’s activities),” said Ravanilla.

She said she wished for a scenario similar to the December 2009 eruption when Legazpi City welcomed a daily arrival of 2,500 tourists.

Ravanilla said media reports on the problems brought by Mayon’s restiveness helped turn tourists off.

“If I am a tourist having a daily dose of this kind of picture in the province, I will not dare come here,” she said.

She said two national conferences set to be held in the city have been cancelled. Albay and Legazpi City enjoyed a 66 percent growth in tourist arrivals from 2012-2013.

Ravanilla said she hoped media would not focus too much on the depressing side of the situation and let local governments do their job without exaggerating the negative side of the story.

Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal, in an interview, criticized media’s treatment of an impending “big bang” as “sensationalized and exaggerated.”

“We want to emphasize that we are safe in Legazpi even if Mayon Volcano erupts,” he said.

Albay gov asks Phivolcs for help in marking Mayon danger zones

By Joel Locsin/JDS, GMA News

With the threat of an eruption far from over, the Albay provincial government has asked the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology for help in marking the danger zones around restive Mayon volcano.

Albay Governor Jose Salceda, who made the request to Phivolcs, said this would serve not just as a guide to teams in chokepoints and patrols around the danger zones, but also as a deterrent to residents returning to their homes.

"In order for us to be assured that they refrain from going back to their respective houses we have established chokepoints and foot patrols at the strategic locations around the volcano to serve as deterrent to those who still insist in returning back. However, the (primary) problem arising during apprehension the lack of permanent marker delineating the danger zone hence creating arguments during apprehension," he said in a letter to Phivolcs director Renato Solidum Jr. that he also posted online.

He is asking for "technical assistance" from Phivolcs to help map out the 6-km permanent danger zone, 7-km extended danger zone, and 8-km high-risk zone.

This will allow the provincial government "to set up permanent markers by our Provincial Engineering’s Office," Salceda said.

Since Phivolcs raised the alert level at Mayon to "3" in mid-September, the provincial government has evacuated more than 12,000 families at the volcano's danger zone.

As of Saturday, Salceda said 12,733 families or 54,778 people from the 6-km radius PDZ and the 7-km EDZ at the southeast quadrant of Mayon are staying in 46 evacuation camps.

"This figure includes those who came from outside of the danger zone due to fear or trauma suffered by them during the past eruptions hence we have no choice but to accommodate them inside the evacuation centers," he said.

DepEd builds makeshift rooms for students forced out by Mayon evacuees

By Michael B. Jaucian (Inquirer Southern Luzon)

Students get visit from Ms. World Philippines

CAMALIG, Albay, Philippines—With Mayon Volcano continuing to be restive for more than a month now, the Department of Education has decided to build 15 makeshift classrooms for hundreds of students of the Camalig North Central School displaced by evacuees from the volcano’s danger zones.

John Fajardo, principal of the school, said the department decided to build temporary classrooms for the students so that they would no longer have go to another school to attend classes because their own classrooms are being used by the evacuees.

The makeshift classrooms are expected to be finished by Monday. Classes will be held in shifts to accommodate all the displaced students, he said.

Eduardo Laguerta, resident volcanologist of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, said while the inflation of Mayon has lessened, an eruption was still in progress and a big explosion still imminent.

He said crater glow that became evident on Tuesday and the 350-meter-long lava flow recorded Sunday were indications that the volcano was headed for an explosion.

In a bulletin, Phivolcs said only one rock fall was reported during the previous 24 hours while the amount of sulfur the volcano was emitting had fallen to 92 tons per day.

Meanwhile, the evacuees were to be entertained by Valerie Weigmann, newly crowned 2014 Ms World Philippines, whose mother is from Albay.

Weigmann, wearing her crown and sash, was welcomed at the airport by Gov. Joey Salceda and tourism regional chief Nini Ong Ravanilla.

“I’ve come here to personally visit and comfort the evacuees, to make them feel better, to tell them that everything is gonna be all right,” said Weigmann.

Miss World Philippines gets warm welcome in Albay

By Joel Locsin /LBG (GMA News)

Newly crowned Miss World Philippines 2014 Valerie Weigmann received a warm welcome from her provincemates as she arrived in Albay for a homecoming Thursday morning.

Weigmann said she is excited to meet with families evacuated from their homes in the danger zone around restive Mayon Volcano.

"Excited akong ma-meet sila and comfort them also para malaman nila they are not alone," she told radio dzBB's Carlo Mateo shortly after her arrival in Legazpi City.

Photos tweeted by dzBB's Mateo showed some costumed residents performing a dance to welcome Weigmann.

Weigmann is expected to tour parts of Albay and meet with Mayon evacuees.

More than 12,000 families had been evacuated from Mayon's danger zone since the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology raised the alert level at Mayon to "3."

Alert level 3 means an eruption is expected in weeks.

Weigmann's itinerary as posted on Governor Jose Salceda's Facebook account includes a motorcade from Legazpi City to Daraga, the provincial capitol, and Camalig.

Albay Gov defends DSWD over spoilage of relief packs for Mayon evacuees

By Aries Joseph Hegina (

MANILA, Philippines—Albay Governor Joey Salceda defended the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Wednesday over the wastage of 32 food packs intended for Mayon Volcano evacuees dismissing it as a “reasonable error”.

“Let’s talk about the 99.9% that was good. 0.1% is reasonable error from 7x (seven times) handing & never in the hands of an evacuee being captured by camp mgt [management] protocols,” Salceda said on his official Facebook page.

Salceda maintained that the spoilage of the 32 food packs out of 23, 450 is a “statistically reasonable error” in an emergency situation.

The Albay governor clarified that the spoiled food packs have not reached the evacuees as these have been intercepted before distribution.

He also said that the spoilage of the goods is valid as the food packs undergo multiple handling before they reach evacuation sites.

Despite the discovery of the spoiled food packs, Salceda maintained that the welfare of the evacuees “is of the highest importance.”

Arnel Garcia, DSWD Bicol regional director, said that the food packs went spoiled because several cans were broken during the delivery.

“These food packs were contaminated because several cans of sardines were broken during delivery, which, in turn, contaminated rice inside the food packs. All of these were released but we assure that we will replace all of these,” Garcia said.

The contents of the food packs include: Six kilos of rice, four cans of sardines, four cans of corned beef, six packs of noodles and cereal drinks.

The 23,450 food packs arrived in Albay Sunday and were distributed by Cabinet officials Local Government Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas II, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman,‎ presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda, Health Secretary Enrique Ona, and Environment Secretary Ramon Paje.

Albay gov. thanks Sorsogon, CamSur for aid to Mayon-affected towns

By Joel Locsin/KG (GMA News)

Albay Governor Jose Salceda on Monday thanked Sorsogon and Camarines Sur provinces for extending assistance to some Albay towns affected by the situation caused by restive Mayon Volcano.

In posts on his Facebook account, Salceda said Sorsogon gave P550,000 to Daraga, Camalig, Guinobatan, Sto. Domingo and Malilipot.

He said Daraga received P150,000, while the four other towns received P100,000 each.

Salceda also thanked Camarines Sur for sending a medical team to Sto. Domingo town in Albay.

The team includes five doctors and eight nurses.

More than 12,000 families from various areas of Albay at the danger zone of Mayon had been evacuated from their homes since the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology raised the alert level there to "3."

Alert Level 3 means an eruption is due within weeks.

Albay receives relief supplies from DSWD, NDRRMC


Food packs, malong, mosquito nets, mats, water containers, hygiene kits, and medicines were delivered to Albay on October 12

MANILA, Philippines – Relief supplies from the national government worth P9.4 million were delivered to Albay on Sunday, October 12, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) said in a statement.

The supplies included food packs, malong, mosquito nets, mats, water containers, hygiene kits, and medicines, the DSWD said. They were brought to Guinobatan, Albay, through the “Ligtas Mayon Caravan” jointly organized by the DSWD and the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), in partnership with its member agencies.

“We not only want the evacuees to be safe but also to be comfortable and have enough food in their stay in the evacuation centers,” the statement quoted DSWD Secretary Corazon Soliman as saying.

It has almost been a month since Mayon Volcano in the province of Albay was placed on "Alert Level 3,” after showing signs of "relatively high unrest.” Since then, both the local and the national government have been working on evacuating thousands of residents.

“The food packs are more than enough to augment the daily needs of the evacuees especially now that PHILVOCS has warned of an explosive Mayon eruption anytime,” the statement quoted Albay Governor Joey Salceda as saying.

Truckloads of relief packs arrive in Albay

By Julliane Love De Jesus (

GUINOBATAN, Albay–Thirty-one truckloads of relief goods arrived in Albay province on Sunday in anticipation of Mayon Volcano’s eruption, which has displaced more than 50,000 families to date.

Cabinet secretaries handed over to local government officials the first tranche of relief, which contains at least 22,000 food packs and hygiene kits, for 12,931 families or 57,633 persons.

Local Government Secretary Manuel Roxas II, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman,‎ presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda, Health Secretary Enrique Ona, Environment Secretary Ramon Paje and Albay Governor Joey Salceda led the turnover ceremony in Guinobatan town in Albay.

After an aerial inspection on Mayon, the Cabinet officials went to Travesia Elementary School in Guinobatan where thousands of evacuees are staying.

Each relief pack contains six kilos of rice, eight canned ‎goods, six noodle packs, a hygiene kit containing mats, blankets, medicines, pail, water container, and aqua tablets.

The relief goods, however, are only good for four days.

Since the alert level 3 of Mayon was raised‎, displaced persons had been staying in 48 evacuation centers kilometers away from the 6-km permanent danger zone at the foot of the volcano.

Team Albay’s Mayon evacuation sets best practice

(MST News)

Albay Governor Joey Salceda lauded the effective evacuation of some 55,000 residents from the danger zones of Mayon volcano.

In the recent 24th assessment meetings of Team Albay’s cluster groups, all 83 schools have resumed classes within 10 days with 90 percent attendance.

He cited zero crime from the start of evacuation on September 15 based on reports of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Albay Provincial Office from seven local government units hosting 45 evacuation centers.

Salceda commended Team Albay members who have been working on shifts to cover round-the-clock operations.

The evacuees wellbeing were attended to by Albay Health Emergency Clinics in evacuation sites through about 1,000 rooms to include five AECID Permanent Evacuation Centers, conduct of 450 Emergency Management Trainings sponsored by Albay over the past 5 years, and hiring of 300 nurses with EMT exposure, at P18,000 per month, he said.

The clinics are managed from referral tertiary/secondary hospitals. Clinics in Ligao City and Guinobatan are under the Josefina B Duran Memorial Hospital; those in Tabaco City, Malilipot and Santo Doming are under the Ziga Memorial Hospital; while those in Daraga and Camalig towns are with the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital.

Salceda said Team Albay attained the good results in education primarily by institutional partnership with Unicef which quickly delivered in one week 200 tents now used as temporary classrooms, in two shifts; and by using the under-utilized capacity in nearby schools.

Team Albay was organized by Salceda about four years ago for local disaster risk reduction management. Since then, it has seen action in eleven major calamities across the country and had received numerous awards and recognitions for its feats.

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The older news reports are kept here.

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